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Thursday, September 30 2010

Armpit Amour

I didn’t realize I had a full-on armpit fetish until last week, when I was a guest on CIUT FM’s Sex City in Toronto. Pre my interview, host Jon Pressick was conversing with a 25-year-old model from a country in Europe (I go back and forth between Norway and somewhere farther east) that was making some extra moolah by having sexy armpit, or sex-in-the-armpit, shoots. She was difficult to understand at times, and rather excited about getting across a heck of a lot of armpit love, which made it all the more difficult to understand what she was saying. However, there were times she was quite clear, like when she blurted out something about how it felt when his ejaculate spurted deep inside her pit. I found that quite charming.

Axillism - masturbation via armpit - is generally about guys getting off sticking their manhood in a sometimes sweaty, often stubbly, hairy, or sticky, crevice. While I don’t have a penis to pit, I know that I love the smell and the finger-poke under a good armpit. On occasion, even those sweaty, hairy, stinky ones turn me on.

the more I thought about armpits, the more I thought about armpits…

That doesn’t mean I like bad smelly armpits. I only like the good kind. I’m turned off by the smelly, unkempt types just as much as most. I’m super sensitive to smells and I prefer muskier ones, which might be why I find myself wearing Old Spice these days (and not because of their brilliant ad campaign). I also like my body odor, so I’m good with wearing Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Deodorant too. I prefer not to be dry under there, I like the feeling of a stick of deodorant sliding it’s way across my pit. I like sticking my finger in the moist strip that’s been left behind after a good application. I like kissing my lovers armpits, licking them even and I enjoy the smell of my own pits. Undeniable. I appreciate Molly Shannon’s SNL character Mary Katherine Gallagher, because me! too! I love a good sniff!

I think hairy armpits are sexy on both men and women.

I think I’m going to kiss my own pits right now.

I have yet to try armpit sex (axillism), but I know a good silicone lube would keep the pit/penis/dildo action going. After that, it’s all about seeing what perspires/transpires. I might laugh uncontrollably, sometimes I’m ticklish under there, but why not?

I’m game, like this Cornell sexpert was.

Totally game. ON.

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