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Wednesday, September 29 2010

Deep Inside Michele Capozzi

I’m really excited about this latest podcast, “Deep Inside Michele Capozzi.”

I was having coffee with Michele Capozzi (that’s him, leaving his boat) on Monday morning in Manhattan. He lives on the Upper West Side..on a boat. How cool is that? Although when it rains and the boat shakes then it’s less cool for me, because I get seasick. He’s been grandfathered into the Boat Basin and so he’s allowed to live on the water surrounding the isle of Manhattan all year long. He doesn’t live there in the winters (too cold) but this Italian Stallion moved to the Big Apple from Rome in April of 1978 and he has been spending most of his time traveling between NY and Italy ever since.

I first met Michele Capozzi back in October of 2001 at the birthday party for adult film pioneer Candida Royalle. He was disheveled, a state I thought temporary at the time, and wearing a crumpled T-shirt with at least 24 positions of lobsters having sex. We were in a swanky hotel somewhere on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, and if you know anything about the sorts of hotels in that part of town you’ll also know that this short, Einstein-esque in his hairstyle, foreign and highly magnetic figure stood out like a stowaway on an otherwise fancy yacht.

I had no desire to talk with him, not at first, and not based on anything outside of what I could devise from sight. He had brought another guest along, a foreigner whose presence reminded me of what it might have been like for Edward Scissorhands had he found himself in Fishs Eddy. I don’t remember anything else about his companion, but I’ll never forget Michele. He was the producer on Candida’s next movie, Stud Hunters, and I wanted to work on that video. I wanted to know the experience of what it felt like to be on the set of (as Capozzi would say it) “a “porno” movie.” When I asked Candida if I could work with her, she told me that if I wanted to be a part of the crew, I’d need to talk to Capozzi.

I was just following orders when I went up to Michele the first time. Like I said, he creeped me out. But now I think he is so not creepy (well, okay, he is, but not in the way that creeps me out anymore).

We wound up spending the night together. Not as in-having-sexual-relations-together, but as in spending-all-night-having-good-times-with-his-Italian-friends-together. Although our night hadn’t ended much before 5AM, he asked me to wake him up early the next morning. I set my alarm and obliged.

I wanted to impress him…

From that day forth we have, “how do you call it?” (another famous Capozzi line) been family. He’s my filthy uncle, the one I can still ask anything to, because he doesn’t have one of those inappropriate filters. I love him for that. I hope you’ll love him too. For his brutal honesty (he speaks like the deaf, no cushioning of blows. If someone’s fat, he’ll tell you. If they’re a woman with a penis, he’ll tell you that too (and the size of the member).

My hope is that this is only Part One of the Deep Inside series. A series where I delve deep, as in 30 minutes or longer, into how a person sees themselves, the memories that matter most to them and on topics that can be determined in an instant. From cellular masturbation (is that a real term yet?) to sharing the same prostitute as his father, Capozzi doesn’t hold back on his life and his loves.

Enjoy meeting a man I love more than I ever imagined I could. I know I continue to enjoy him more every time.


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