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Thursday, September 16 2010

My So Called Sex Life at Burning Man

I’m finally podcasting again (it feels like eons) and decided to do something timely-ish and discuss my recent trek to the Burning Man festival held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (closest biggish city: Reno). That means you should click on the Hot Sox page at itunes (go ahead, I’ll wait) and start listening NOW my latest podcast: Sex and Burning Man. Yep, it’s up for you to enjoy, or not enjoy, if you so choose.

The premise of this podcast is to prove that Burning Man isn’t only about sex, drugs and rave-n-roll. For some of us (uhm, that would be me), it’s hardly ever about the first, it used to be about the second, but that was like so 2004 and 5, and now I’ve evolved into a citizen of Black Rock City (that means I work the event) - which I just heard yesterday surpasses Carson City in population as the third largest city in the state of Nevada for the one week a year it’s fully functional - post office and all. For me, now, it’s about rangering, dancing, and reconnecting with the city. But that doesn’t sound as exciting as the podcast is (at times). So check out the play-by-play of my seven years of sex at Burning Man and then hook a sister up for next year.

Or not.

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2 Responses to “My So Called Sex Life at Burning Man”

  1. Treppenwitz Says:

    Is your podcast really only for iTunes listeners? I’d like to give it a listen. I like both sex and Burning Man.

  2. jamye Says:

    yes. if you click on the link, you’ll go right to it. otherwise, it’s called “Hot Sox” search for it on itunes, or find it on my facebook page!

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