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Monday, April 5 2010

so last week .24

This week’s so last week delves into an interesting piece from the NY Times Magazine which explores the question, can animals be gay? If you haven’t read it yet, do. In other sex news, pizza porn, porn star senate races and porn, the real reasons “we” try to control it.

  • Can animals be gay? (NYT)
  • Speaking of gay, Ricky Martin clears the closet. (EW)
  • Porn star Stormy Daniels. Will she or won’t she run for US Senate? (Fox)
  • So today! How to deal with the top 6 sexual fears, according to one Marie Claire blogger. (MC)
  • Controlling Porn. What is the media truly trying to control? (PajamasMedia)
  • In Wisconsin, a small victory for transgendered inmates. (Salon)
  • Pizza “porn” in Australia deemed offensive to look at. (CarnalNation)

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