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Tuesday, January 26 2010

Nooky Diary

In my inbox this morning:

Haven’t you ever wondered how much sex you had last month, or even last year?

Actually I know how much sex I’ve had this year. I know how much sex I had last year too. Once, a long time ago, I would have wondered how much sex I was having, but you don’t have to wonder when you aren’t having sex. By choice, people, by choice. Trust me, being in Jamaica (right now that is where I am, so why am I blogging? right..because I’m not having sex) it’s hard not to have sex, but somehow I’ve still managed to avoid it. Going to bed early helps.

And TMI, but while recently trying to make a list of the men who have worked their way between my thighs with their personal penile utensil, I couldn’t quite remember all the names (and there aren’t really that many) or even if all the guys I was remembering where guys I actually had sexual intercourse with.  Is that so wrong?

One more question. Why did you have start your sentence with haven’t. Couldn’t you have phrased the question like this: Have you ever wondered just who the f*ck you had sex with?

It continued:

You’d know if you used Nooky DiaryNooky Diary is a new site that helps you keep track of your sex life. Your ‘nooky’ is recorded in a calendar and graphed over time. All data is stored privately for your eyes only, but for the exhibitionists out there, you can shout your conquests from the rafters by tweeting @NookyDiary straight from Twitter. I expect anybody with a sex life to use Nooky Diary, from women planning a pregnancy, to young men documenting their sexual exploits.  There’s really no reason whyanybody would NOT find interest in having an accurate record of the sex life.

I’m passing on contributing, but I’m passing this on because if nothing else, it’s trying to be helpful. Until someone hacks into it, or unless you don’t want them to know your facebook or twitter account info, then it may become more stressful than helpful.  I don’t need to keep track of what is too easily trackable without the help of computer automation, but if you need help, ask and ye shall receive.

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