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Sunday, January 16 2005

Three of the most disgusting thing(s) in my world

I’d like to think that I have a high tolerance for all things disgusting, but there are a few things I don’t think I can really tolerate.

1. Fecal matter as part of a sex act

While yes, I am obsessed with box covers that contain pictures of women smeared in excrement, it’s more because I don’t understand how smelly, dirty shit can ever be turn on. Wake up people who love shit…it’s doody! Doody. The stuff that you flush down the toilet; the stuff that smells really bad sometimes. It’s crap, and therefore, it doesn’t belong on a face, or in a pussy, or anywhere near the human body. Okay, unless, unless, it’s a matter of survival. But is doody ever really a matter of survival?

2. Hooking up with more than one member of a family

There’s something really gross and taboo about this one. If you’ve hooked up with one sister, you shouldn’t even think about kissing another. If you’ve hooked up with your boyfriend’s brother and then you’re boyfriend, that’s gross too - although I know most people will disagree. Call me crazy, but keeping it in the family, no matter how many months or years later, is still keeping it in the family. Hooking up with more than one member of a family AT THE SAME TIME, is a little bit worse, but not much.

3. Eating live insects

I have been a pescatarian for the past few years, but for years before that I didn’t eat any meat, chicken or fish. I won’t judge you for eating live insects but I don’t want to eat them myself.

…the list will continue….I just have to get back to other work for now….

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