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Friday, January 7 2005

Bon Jovi is in my hotel right now

Vegas01 111.jpg
Yes I know the picture is dark. Yes I know it could be anyone. You don’t have to take my word for it. Abby knows its true, cause she was with me when I dropped jaw and exclaimed, “Oh my g-d, that’s Bon Jovi!!!!”

Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora crossed my path at 5:34 this afternoon. They are my new lucky charms.

I am sad but I feel good.

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Porn 2005

Vegas01 055.jpg
It’s been exactly two years since I’ve been to Vegas for the Adult Video News (AVN) show, and man, my reasons for “cumming” (okay, bad, bad attempt) have changed. I’ve been calling this year’s convention my debutante, or “coming out,” ball because this is the year where I actually get things done.

None of these events actually happened in this order, but it’s been a long day and long night and basically I’m too tired to remember what happened when.

I got to see Robby D., the porn director I once, back in the day two years ago, dated for a random few weeks. I believe in this spiritual thing, this connection that he and I will always share, even if, by and for now it’s not at all physical. His girlfriend is 8 months pregnant. He’s going to be a dad. He still calls me “the one who got away” - a term I find rather endearing. I like that with him and with Mr. Marcus I feel I have close male friends in this industry. It keeps things interesting.

Speaking of interesting…I was asked for my autograph by some retarded little Venetian (that’s the hotel I’m staying at) security guard. I knew he thought I was a porn star long before he asked me to sign his napkin, but upon his request I informed him of what it was I am. “I’m a sex advice columnist,” I told him, “and I’m not famous yet, but if you still want me to sign your hanky, I’ll do it for you.”

“Well, you’re very pretty,” he exclaimed. He walked away. I walked away.

I talked about babies with Bridgette Kerkove, and met her husband Skeeter. I played catch up with Alexandra Silk and Mike South. In the morning I even listened to Phil Harvey lecture. And I got to spend time with the one of my favorite people and friends Candida Royalle.

Insane Clown Posse was around all day. They wear these mexican wrestler style caps and this scares me. Very much. They look like they could hurt small animals and old people. But they love porn stars. And who is Cleetis Mack? He was in the elevator with me.

I got to walk in front of the press wall at my friend Carly’s party at the Hard Rock Hotel. Tristan and I did it together. It was so strange, but thanks to V., one of my cheerleaders at Playgirl TV, we went in front of this wall, were “announced” and got our pictures taken, while, because we are weird like that, we started snapping pictures back at the photographers. It was a real press wall, the kind you’d find at some awards show, and when it was done, I can’t say it wasn’t fun. Although it was also strange. Very strange.

Oh, and I have solidified a new friendship. I absolutely adore Violet Blue. And I bought the cutest pink coat. Not that I needed it, but I needed it. After all, I feel like I’ve been gone from New York for over a year, and, I sort of have. This past week has been heavy, and I wanted a new coat to come home with.

I think I’ll need a vacation when I get back. Anybody care to join me?

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