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Monday, July 26 2010

so last week .40

This week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed is number happy. From the AskMen 2010 survey to the Daily Beast’s “Sex: Who’s Having the Most?,” discover the numbers of people doing what they do and how they do it. Oh, so vague, yes, but that’s because there’s more below.

  • The Great Male Survey. 2010 Edition. What dudes think about sex, dating, cheating and facebook. (AskMen)
  • Erika Lust. Pornographer. Feminist. Author. Intelligent Conversationalist.  (Alternet)
  • “America will always be intrigued with sexy little pieces of jailbait — but, as it turns out, we’re not too comfortable with the notion of them getting off on their own devices.” The Taylor Momsen moment. (Salon)
  • 15 ways to tell if you’re getting lucky more, or less, than the rest of us. (DailyBeast)
  • Is polygamy harmful to society? A Canadian scholar studies those who marry more than one woman. (VancouverSun)
  • Astrology gone wild: What happens when a relationship ends over the time of day you were born. (YourTango)
  • Team Edward! Team Jacob! Vampire Sex. Reality vs. Fantasy. My advice and then some. (TheStir)
  • When a kitten masturbates, who does God kill? (CarnalNation)
  • Men with long ring fingers are more likely to get prostate cancer. (Independent)
  • Cytherea. Patience is a squirtue (NSFW). (GramPonante)

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