Hot Sox: boys are not yucky and kink is way cool

Boys are not yucky and kink is way cool are two of the many things I talked about with fellow sex educator and sex-therapist-in-training, Jamila Dawson.  Jamila began educating about sex at age 9 and writing erotica around age 12, and still she remained a virgin until she was 23 (take that abstinence-only training)!

In this Hot Sox podcast (which somehow removed the podcast about everything to do with sex, the show and that will be back up shortly), Jamila talks honestly about penis size, being an African American woman in the field of sexuality, and why Black men don’t like sex toys. Plus, the poly tipping point, what goes on in a BDSM club - submissives own the show when it comes to domination, how she recently discovered she can be ordered to orgasm and her top toy picks!

Check out the toys we talk about:

Form 2Form 4Mimi.