Sex Toy Review: electrosex kit

Electrosex was never really my thang, but then I got my paws on my first “beginner’s” kit a few months back for a review in Xbiz magazine and I had to try it (I had felt a Violet Wand run up and down my arm once before but that’s all) . Naked City did their review of the toy, and that inspired me to share mine.

From Tools of the Trade:

I used to be afraid of that Operation game, because it felt to me like walking on carpet in the dead of winter and then touching a metal doorknob. You never knew if you were going to get shocked. Shocks aren’t my thing, never have been, and honestly, never will be. Not that the beginner’s e-Stim Kit (Zeus Toys) hasn’t changed how I feel about electrical sex.

I feel it. Oh yeah, I feel it.

The kit comes with 4 adhesive pads, sex clamps, a power unit, 2 sets of lead wires and a lame excuse for instructions. Having no idea how to use the kit (you need to place both the positive and negative pads on your body at the same time in order to feel the stimulation), I phoned an expert e-stim gal (but you can watch a video here). She talked me through it, and told me to try it out on my wrist and elbow before I put it near my precious pussy. I loved the warm, fuzzy feeling it gave my arm, and it felt the way pop rocks do in your mouth. I played with the levels of intensity (1-8) and also the width and rate of pulsation. I watched my muscles fatigue (something that happens from e-stim) and figured out that I preferred long waves of tingling electricity verses heavy, short pulsing.

When it was time to put it down low, I stuck all four adhesive pads around my pussy; two close to the vaginal opening, one on my clit and one on my perineum. My clit was too sensitive for most of the electricity, and once I even tried to rip off the pad without turning of the toy (NEVER DO THIS) and it felt like pin pricks jabbing into my skin, but I did like it on parts of my body that are a little less sensitive. I also tried the nipple clamps, which felt a tad too much like somebody stabbing me with a syringe.

The truth is, now I get why people like it, and under the right supervision, I would definitely be in to trying it again. For those more interested than I was, this is a great gateway product even without the instructions. It’s not scary looking, and it’s easy to use once you get instructions. For ultimate satisfaction, avoid water or putting the pads on your own lubrication, shave your genitals and turn off the toy before removing the pads from your body.