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Monday, August 23 2010

so last week .44

This weeks So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed explores life without gender, without foreskins and without Harry Popper condoms (hey, it could happen).

  • Life without gender. No its, ands or buts. (Newsweek)
  • So today: Eastern Cape, South Africa: Boys hoping to gain manhood lose more in horrific circumcision rituals. (LATimes)
  • More housework = more sex: the relationship between household labor and sexual frequency gets its own study. (NYTimes)
  • W4M4M. A heterosexual Christian wife writes gay male erotica because M/M romance novels are a turn on for straight women. (Out)
  • Couples opting for separate bedrooms may stay married longer. (DailyMail)
  • Warner Brothers sues over Harry Popper condoms. (Gawker)
  • New to Burning Man? Here’s virgin’s guide to having sex on the playa. (CarnalNation)
  • The Oral Sex Light. How dark is this? (TheFrisky)
  • Did you hear the one where Barney asks Fred why he needs a third head? Sexual innuendos from cartoons gone by. (Asylum)
  • Heidi Montag doesn’t want her sex life inflated, just her breasts. (CBS)

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