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Thursday, August 5 2010

Thoughts from High (not while High)

Yesterday I flew across the country, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (I know, the place everyone wants to be on a hot, summer day), to attend an expo featuring my sex toy friends and adult internet peeps.

Here are some things I learned on my Virgin America flight from sea to shining sea:

1. I met a man named Yoni. Yoni, which in Sanskrit for vulva, is also apparently another way to say Jonathan, in Hebrew. I don’t mean to stereotype, but this Yoni didn’t look like a jewish Jonathan. Whatever he is, he is Yoni, and he wears his Virgin America name tag with pride - as he should. He reminds me that gender is fluid, and regardless of why he’s called Yoni, I giggle like a 12-year old boy.

2. Khloe Kardashian and her sister Kourtney are so super close that Khloe lets Kourtney wax her pussy lips. Yes, I watched Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. It was my first time, but I have to admit I watched three or four episodes. And I learned some thing too. Khloe says butter is good for burns, but I still wonder, is it?

What I liked most about the pussy wax episode was how Lamar, Khloe’s husband, reacted to Khloe’s vaginal lips, after they got burned as a result of hot, hot wax. Burned lips are no laughing matter, but the show made me smile.

3. Current TV has a fun show called InfoMania and I’m hooked on Sergio. I watched an episode, probably cause it was the Sex Episode, and definitely not because it was an old episode, filmed in 2009. Wondering, is the show still on the air anymore? (Answer, yes) And how tall is Sergio?

4. When TV is in my face, I watch it a lot more than when it’s not. Do you think Yoni does too?

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