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Monday, February 1 2010

so last week .15

Back home after a week in Jamaica, and I’ve found there’s a lot of banning going on.  Did you know they’re banning female ejaculation in Australia? Or that the words oral sex in the dictionary got it banned from a school district? And eHarmony can no longer ban gays and lesbians from dating on their site. It’s all so last week, and now it’s so this week too.
  • A sad day for the female orgasm. The Australian Sex Party is outraged at their Government’s censoring of all female ejaculation in films.  (Xbiz)
  • Meet Flibanserin. It’s being touted as viagra for women, but lots of people are skeptical. (Inkling)
  • Idiot alert. A California School District bans the Dictionary after discovering a definition it didn’t like. (FoxNews)
  • If you haven’t listened to This American Life from LAST WEEKEND (Somewhere Out There) you must. Here’s the teaser - of all the 6.5 billion people in the world, what are the odds that any two people are a real match? If you only listen to one story, make it that of Lilly and Thomasina. (ThisAmericanLife)
  • Falling out of love with one soldier while learning to love a new one. (Salon)
  • eHarmony is a loser when it comes to their preferred stance on gay and lesbian dating (Examiner)
  • Sex Addiction or Cheating? Will rehab save Tiger Woods penis. (USNews)
  • The Human Milk Banking Association’s plans to donate breast milk to Haiti go bust. (MSNBC)
  • In Argentina, eating pork leads to more porking. (CarnalNation)
  • Gardasil death watch. Is the HPV Vaccine to blame for another young death? (Mercola)

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