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Monday, February 8 2010

so last week .16

From 11 years olds giving birth to the spiraling death of John Edwards career - the circle of life continues this week and so last week too.

  • John Edwards has a sex tape too. Really? (USAToday)
  • On most college campuses girls outnumber boys, and now I know why there are LUGS (lesbians until graduation). (NYTimes)
  • Walmart. Your one stop shop for sex. (FoxNews)
  • So not cool. In the USA, an 11 year old gives birth and her stepfather is the dad. (Kidglue)
  • Just as disturbing, but different. In Bulgaria, an 11 year old gives birth on her wedding day. (NYDailyNews)
  • In South Africa, President Zuma has three wives - which seems to suit him just fine, but a child out of wedlock, that doesn’t sit so well with his country. (BBC)
  • The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health can finally open in Rhode Island. (PawtucketTimes)

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