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Thursday, September 10 2009

Sex News Square Down #29

After weeks of silence, Sex News Square Down is back and badder than ever. This week’s SNSD #29 had me wondering about bed sharing, giant vaginas and why Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page made out for a magazine. 

Before we get to the newsier news, I’m happy to report that bush is back. Yep, the most exciting news may be that I now have a merkin made out of my very own hair. Okay, if that doesn’t do it for you…
  • Is sharing a bed bad for your health? Survey says lots of people ain’t sleeping well when they sleep together. (BBC)
  • Hard times happen. A short report on the porn industry’s continued slump. (The Economist)
  • Only in LA. “Giant Vagina Outlasts Spiteful Billboard in Koreatown.” It’s the title that gets me. (MSNBC)
  • File under “because it looks pretty.” Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore make out for Marie Claire. (Fleshbot)
  • Tests may prove that 18 year old South African runner Caster Semenya was born intersexed.  Can we find a way to make this a teachable moment? (The Frisky)
  • How to keep your girl even after you lose your job. (Ask Men)

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