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Thursday, August 6 2009

Sex News Square Down #27

Woman to wed amusement park ride. The French, prudish? A porn star beats up husband over bad laundry. It’s all real and it’s all in this week’s Sex News Square Down #27.

  • It must have literally been the ride of her life, because Amy Wolf, a 33 year old unemployed church organist has plans to marry it.  Wolf, who has fallen in love with a 1001 Nacht fairground ride, now plans to marry “him.” Amy follows in the foorsteps of the woman who married the Eiffel Tower and another who married the Berlin Wall. It’s called objectum sexuality - and to those who love inanimate objects, it’s definitely no laughing matter. Me? I’m interested in seeing video of them consummating the marriage. (Telegraph) (Jezebel)
  • In France, younger women are just saying Non! to topless sunbathing. (Time)
  • Brad Pitt on sex, marriage and his children. (CNN)
  • Is this how Stormy Daniels got the Stormy? Pornstar arraigned on domestic violence charges. WTF?! (Xbiz)
  • Me on Better Sex Radio! (Better Sex Radio)

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