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Friday, August 14 2009

Sex News Square Down #28

Image: Steven Speliotis

From boobs (both body parts and people) to bellies, this week’s Sex News Square Down has got it covered.

  • A suckling breast doll for girls? Should children learn how to breastfeed for fun? (Bust)
  • The adult industry is suffering from lack of sex. (LA Times)
  • Liar! Liar! Vagina on fire?Who cares if Heidi Pratt has 30 orgasms a day? It doesn’t matter if she can or can’t count, maybe it will inspire young women everywhere to want to come! (Carnal Nation)
  • Is potbelly the new pink? Or more accurately, is the belly the new status symbol for men? (NY Times)
  • Does your birth order determine who you should date? Another thing to think about. (Birthorders.com)
  • Women selling sex to women. (Nightline)

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2 Responses to “Sex News Square Down #28”

  1. Porn For Women, By Women » Blog Archive » Link Love Says:

    [...] - ABC News hops on the ‘Porn For Women’ band-wagon, taking to awesome ladies like Nica Noelle and Candida Royalle.  Woohoo!  (via Jamye) [...]

  2. PickMeUp Girl Says:

    I read that article about potbellies! Definitely NOT the new status symbol.Thanks for all the links, I may have to steal one for my blog!


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