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10 things I’ve learned in the past 24 hours

sextoysandstuff 030.jpg Feeling trapped?

1. Tylenol PM really works

2. Tylenol PM really works

3. Okay, yes, Tylenol PM works so well that the next day you cannot fully recover from the fact that Tylenol PM really works

4. Don’t make big plans after flying back on the red eye from LA and taking Tylenol PM

5. Actually, don’t make ANY plans after taking Tylenol PM

6. Every month I will cramp A LOT on the second or third day of my period (or “harry with the red hair” as we used to refer to her)

7. You cannot wear headphones, even ones that aren’t plugged in, during the emergency movie that plays at takeoff. You must watch the emergency movie without headphones on, or you will get yelled at by the flight attendant. You can close your eyes while watching the movie, but headphones are a big no-no

8. American Airlines really does have more leg room

9. LA is much, much warmer than NY but I don’t really like it there…I blame the smog and the plastic surgery for my dislike of the city of Angels

10. Did I mention that Tylenol PM really works?