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Connecting with my mucus

I think it’s the “recycled,” and I use that term loosely, air on a plane that has changed the course of my breathing pattern since yesterday. While before that I thought I might have been getting sick, once I woke up from a very long, hard plane slumber, I began to sneeze…frantically. My right nostril kept on itching along, screaming “NOTICE ME!!!,” and of course I did. Usually I’m one of these one time sneeze kind of gals, who after she lets the big hhhhhaaaaa-cccchhhoooo out, she’s done for a while. But yesterday, sitting in the aisle seat of emergency row 20 on the 2:30PM American Airlines Flight to LAX, I sneezed over six times in a row, and on more than one occasion!!! It didn’t stop there, bceause once I started sneezing the snot in my nose only continued to mass produce. I don’t understand how so much snot can happen in so little time, really, especially when there should never be that much snot in one’s body at anytime. Still, I went through almost all the tissues in the ‘business class’ bathroom, which eventually got me into trouble. Not the tissue part, but the fact that I, a common airline passenger, could use the elusive business class bathroom. It looked just like all the other lavatories, and it was closer to my emergency row seat than the pee-on’s bathroom, and I almost told the flight attendant to shove it where the sun don’t shine, instead of hanging my head in shame and screaming, “why, why oh lord can’t I afford to be in business class!”

I didn’t scream. I just stayed cranky and irritated until I arrived at the car rental place and found that a)I had to pay out of pocket for the car I thought my company took care of *don’t worry they will take care of it and b)the car that the obnoxious Dollar rent-a-car man gave me had mirrors that didn’t move so I had to, after inspection and the thought of leaving, go and get a new car…

Today I am in LA. Tomorrow I’m back to NY. I can’t follow me anymore.

So…follow this….

Attention sexy couples:

From the Creator of Star Search, Adam & Eve Announce the Production of “Reality-X: The Search for Adam & Eve” Open Call in New York City on Saturday, February 12th

“Reality-X: The Search for Adam & Eve” is the first reality show to scout for
the Sexiest Couple in America—and then cast them in their very own movie, which will be the climax of the series. The series, hosted by Adult Film Star Carmen Luvana, will feature men and women from all over the country vying for an exclusive contract with Adam & Eve Productions, worth up to $250,000. 16 contestants will be taken to beautiful Hedonism III in Jamaica to compete in the semi-finals and finals to decide who will become ‘Adam & Eve’.

AER Lounge
409 West 13th Street
NY, NY 10014

Saturday, February 12th From Noon until 6:00pm
I went to Hedonism II once…it was quite the “unique” experience. I’m not going to make it to the auditions. But maybe my snot will somehow find a way to show up…seeing as it always does…

Oh..and I made THE VILLAGE VOICE this week. I’m not as dumb as I may sound in this little clip..You’ll have to read the whole article to find my name, but I promise, it’s a good article and I am in there!