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One to Grow On

nyc2005jan_art-smosh 030.jpg Blizzard ‘05

I’ve had a relationship breakthrough. A therapy thing of sorts, without ever going to therapy. Now, before you think, here goes the obsessive, compulsive future crazy city lady who will eventually live in a cramped apartment with plants and fur, let me explain. I think it’s a real big admission and decision.

You might not agree. I know one of the two people I ran it by doesn’t. But it’s my newest way of understanding how to grow up a little more.

One to Grow On. Not all that original, but really, it brings me back to those lessons of sharing and caring we were supposed to learn before our favorite Saturday morning cartoons on NBC. I actually liked those vignettes at the top of every hour. I still preferred Pee Wee’s Playhouse - mekka lekka hi, mekka heini ho- to anything else, but when one to grow came on, I listened.

So, now I’m listening to my internal “one to grow on” clock. The one that’s telling me I’ve been obsessing about relationships for the past few months, with the only success being that I have a consistent record when it comes to obsessing. Relationships, on all levels, are more important than relationships on any one level, and while I do love, love - I also need to remember that I have a lot of other shit going on. And I love that too. And I need to focus just as much attention on this other “shit” as well.

So..I’m going to start now, and I’m not going to talk only about one aspect of life, but I’m going to talk about many, or a few, basically whatever else I feel like. And here are two things that really caught my attention today - the first day of my not obsessing on relationships, while yes, obsessing. I’m being annoying and obsessing on them now, but that’s only to be annoying really. *Sometimes I like to be annoying, just in case you were wondering…

Is Spongebob Squarepants really gay? I had my suspicions, but who knew? Apparently James Dobson, the lovely head of the most “charming” organization on the planet, Focus on the Family, knew. He outed him at a recent dinner celebrating our next four years of doom and destruction. Mr. Dobson, a direct descendant of the devil’s seed, actually believes that Spongebob Squarepants is propoganda that manipulates and brainwashes kids.
Oh, how I love this country!

Rob Black, a naughty film producer, wins a big case. How’s that for generic? It’s an obscenity charges case, and it’s all about first amendment rights. Read it if you care about these things…and…..oh…..by the way, have I mentioned you should care?

What have you grown on today?