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Friday, November 26 2004

This is beginning to really scare me

Bush Seeks Funds for Abstinence Education
A breaking headline from last night at 11:34 PM, or at least that’s the first time I saw it.

Why doesn’t he get it?

Abstinence only education is not going to stop kids from having sex, but it is going to stop some of them from having safe sex. Let’s take condoms for example. If nobody talks to you about condoms and you are sexually curious, but you don’t know about bagging your boner, why would you shield your sword?

A majority of human beings are sexual by nature …sure, some may be sexual by nurture as well, but the point I’m trying to make is that MOST OF US are sexual beings. Of course we’d be sexual, because we’re animals for chrissakes. We want to have sex, even if it’s supposed to be, but isn’t always, to procreate. For animals, sex is a part of life. Just like breathing, eating, sleeping. It could even be self-love, it doesn’t matter, it’s still sex.

And although abstinence only tends to focus on intercourse, I don’t think any of the advocates for abstinence only education are screaming about the joys of masturbation. Self-love people, it’s an amazing way to get off and stay safe. But you still have the choice to engage in consensual sex at a consensual age in a consensual place. And you should be able to know your choices.

Schools need comprehensive sexuality education, not this abstinence only crap. This way children learn about abstinence, but they also learn about other things too. Why are we such a “one way street” society?

Hear it from another perspective:
“The only 100 percent way to avoid a car collision is not to drive, but the federal government sure does a lot of advocacy for safety belts,” said James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth.

If schools won’t teach comprehensive sexuality then I will. So here’s today’s lesson…

I’m calling it Condoms 101.

Don’t ever buy anything with Non-oxynol 9 in it. It’s off the market in a lot of places, but it’s really bad for you. It always numbed my mouth, and tasted rather detergenty, and it never made me feel good. Turns out, it may actually help spread HIV in women, by agitating the delicate membranes in our cunts. Surprise(d)! Not me.

A condom can effectively protect against pregnancy most of the time if used correctly. Part of the reason why I think condoms tend to break is not enough lube. Make sure you have lube (I love silicone lubes or Sensual Power) because dryness combined with friction is more likely to cause the latex to snap. A good tip is to put a little bit of lube on the head of his penis before you unroll the condom so that it feels nice and moist for him.

A condom can also prevent against most STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections). No condom can guarantee protection against HPV, (or genital warts/abnormal pap smears) because HPV is not always easy to detect and it could be on his balls, skin, etc. Statistics say that a lot of people are infected with HPV and don’t know it. Unless two virgins marry, chances that you’ll get HPV, remember you may never know it, are fairly high.

If you’re allergic to latex or your partner is - there are latex alternatives condoms. Avanti is a polyurethane condom made by Durex, and like latex, it helps prevent the spread of HIV. Apparently they break a little more often, at least according to gossip, but they’re larger, and a bit looser than latex. “The polyurethane transmits heat much better than latex, which further enhances the “it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a condom” feeling. They don’t taste like anything, which is great for oral sex. And, for anal sex, they do not degrade in the presence of oil-based lubes, as would a latex condom”. (I got that last bit of info from a great site)

Lambskin is another alternative. I think lambskin look like sausage casing, which essentially it is, and that grosses me out. They don’t protect against any STI’s.

If he won’t wear a condom, you can, and if he won’t, then he’s an asshole by the way. There’s a “female” condom, which is also good for butts, and it’s called the Reality condom. It’s inserted like a diaphragm, and a piece of it sticks out of your hole. It’s really luby and made of polyurethane, so no other latex condoms should be worn in whatever act will follow.

Oh and another “unproven” fact. Conservative Republicans are having MORE and DIRTIER sex than most other Americans. They are the biggest hypocrites and I don’t understand why they are so dumb, and why 51% of this country let us elect a babboon (no offense to the babboon) as our President. This is what happens when the White House is run like a zoo. Fuck.

Is this our future?

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12 Responses to “This is beginning to really scare me”

  1. Sparky Says:

    Another anecdotal report on the use of condoms with spermicide: they seem to fail more frequently than those without. And - bit of controversy here - if you want to limit yourself to safer sex, going down on a woman is a big, big problem. Either you lick a piece of rubber, which most men find to be a pointless activity, or you just don’t go down on a woman. I wish more women understood that when they are asking the men in their lives to go down on them, they are asking them to take nasty risks.

  2. Joseph Massey Says:

    You’re missed over in Live Journal land, Jamye.

  3. Luke Ford Says:

    It’s morning in America.
    Smell the fresh air.
    I love living in Bush’s America.
    I believe and practice abstinence and so should you unless you are married.

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