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Thursday, June 3 2004

I wanna write…

A lot today..but I am not so sure that’s going to happen.

DSC03115.JPG I know…I take a lot of feet shots

I’ve decided that since I may be able to add to this entry at some point today, it would be more relevant to post the times of all of the entries I make today. Watch, this will be the only one and it will be short and stupid and not worth the time I’ve stamped on it.

Anyway, I am heading to Orient Point tomorrow morning. I don’t do “anywhere near the Hamptons” in the summer, but this was an invitation from a few months back and I am quite excited to stop the constant movement, even if it’s just for two days. Starting Sunday, I will be doing a lot of driving, at least for the next three days, traveling back and forth between New York and PA.

Why am I getting my masters in PA? Two words…I dunno…except that I really do. There weren’t many programs geared towards my specific degree and one of the only legit. ones I could find was in PA. Still, I can’t wait to finish the damn thing. I’m not really sure why I’m doing it, except to have credentials next to my name…whatever. I guess that’s a better reason than some others, but not really good enough. Okay, fine, maybe it’s good enough. Two words for you. I dunno.

I’m at work so I shouldn’t be writing but I was determined to write one more time today, just because I said I would even though I thought I wouldn’t. So there. I did. And now I feel better.

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