Hot Sox: Healing Painful Sex

Finally, The Hot Sox podcast is back. Nancy Fish Braverman, co-author of the groundbreaking book, Healing Painful Sex: A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain, talks with me about the startling statistics surrounding women and genital pain. From her own journey, to the types of female sexual pain, Nancy talks about why she felt it necessary to write a book on a topic that most women, and men, know nothing about. More common than cancer, if you suffer from vaginal pain, pelvic pain, clitoral pain or discomfort, or know someone who does, you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Listen via itunes, or here.

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So Last Week 141

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, the Pope and condoms. Settling. Olympic Sex. Intercourse and bleeding: just do it, period. And trans as you wanna be. It’s all So Last Week.

  • Holy history Vatican! The Pope drops Catholic ban on condoms. (Telegraph)
  • Women, men and settling. (SexLoveJoy)
  • Rogue condoms appear in the Olympic Village and organizers take action. (NPR)
  • Openly gay athletes resemble unicorns at the Olympic games. (ESPN)
  • What’s so bad about a boy who wants to wear a dress? (NYT)
  • Trans. But not like you think. (Salon)
  • Breastfeeding gone wild. Mom sues when her educational video ends up on porn sites. (MSNBC)
  • Why men should be cool with period sex. (RoleReboot). Listen to the Hot Sox podcast (eco-menstruation) about period sex and washable pads with Lunapads creator and designer, Madeleine Shaw.
  • Sex Tips: How to show up to have sex with a turned-on woman, aka, how to show up to my house to f*ck me. (NicoleDaedone)
  • Op-ed Australia. Don’t let the prudes deprive us of sexual banter. (SMH)

So Last Week 140

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, can a woman’s orgasm save a man? Lana Wachowski comes out. Benny Morecock. The Pentagon and porn. Having children and the friendship test. It’s all so last week!


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