So Last Week 139

In this week’s So Last Week, guns verse sexual freedom. Asexuality is a sexual identity. The Chinese Police rescue a sex doll and men fake orgasm too. It’s all sex news you may have missed.

  • What terrorizes America most, guns or sexual freedom. (Alternet)
  • Asexuals among us. (Advocate)
  • Sex doll screws 18 Chinese police officers. (DailyMail)
  • What if the biological clock never ticked and women produced more eggs with age? (Science2.0)
  • Sally Ride wasn’t closeted, she just chose to keep her private parts private. (USAToday)
  • Camaraderie, not competition, is the focus of CBS’s new reality dating show. (zap2it)
  • Durex does the Olympics, only they don’t want you to know they are there for who the Olympians do. (Businessweek)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Contraception at Any Stage in Life. Watch Mom Ed in the Bedroom. (CafeMomStudios)
  • Men fake orgasm too. (HuffPo)
  • Oy vey. Henry Winkler to play a porn star on Broadway. (Guardian)

Screaming O Sex Toy Review: Tizzy Wall Style

My intern, Tizzy Wall, was “kind enough” to review some Screaming O Products for her, I mean his, I mean their, or your, pleasure.

Watch the full review of the Screaming O Disposable, Vibrating Love Ring and the Tri-O Triple Pleasure Ring.

Fun for teasing, squeezing and pleasing. If you’re looking for something new to try, they’re inexpensive enough for a one-time bang. See if the size is right for you.

So Last Week 138

In this week’s So Last Week, no-orgasm sex is saving marriages. Yahoo hires a pregnant CEO and the world wails. The Olympic Village gets set to screw. Man with large penis is given a hard time at San Francisco Airport, while another woman visits the Statue of Liberty to declare her love. It’s all so last week, sex news you may have missed.

  • Meet karezza, the new, no-orgasm sex. (NYDailyNews)
  • Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Meyers, is 6 month’s pregnant. Let the unequal gender questioning begin. (Jezebel)
  • On your mark, get set, screw. It’s almost time for the Olympic Village sex. (ESPN)
  • Pornography in public…libraries. (NYT)
  • Blessed be! The Scottish Church pushes to legalize gay marriage. (ChristianPost)
  • Packing verse packing. Jonah Falcon’s penis is stopped at SFO. (SFGate)
  • Chick Fil-A can suck a big, gay chicken breast. (LATimes)
  • So (almost) yesterday: Statue of Liberty gives one woman orgasms. (TheSun)
  • Another crazy bit O’London. ShagAGamer, for geeks (over 18) looking to get it on. (Gamasutra
  • So true, even if it’s false: The hilarious birth plan of Jamie and Jeff. (McSweeney’s) More from McSweeney’s.


So Last Week 137

In this week’s So Last Week Kim Jong-un’s love scandal. Rape jokes. Jane Fonda is having the best sex of her life. The Snuggery and Mick Jagger’s bisexuality. It’s all sex news you may have missed.

  • Not so good in North Korea. Kim Jong-un is having a relationship with a formerly married singer. Ack! The Horror! (Telegraph)
  • How to make a rape joke. (Jezebel)
  • And it’s not like this. “No is the New Yes.” Dominoes makes a big oh-no around rape. (XOjane)
  • At 74, Jane Fonda is doing more than sweating to the oldies. (TheSun)
  • Marathon sex helps with weight loss for one large lady. (DailyMail)
  • The Snuggery. For $60 you too can cuddle. (PhillyMetro)
  • Biden, Obama and the gay marriage apology that never happened. (TheAtlantic)
  • An Indian village bans love marriages. (NYDailyNews)
  • Even though it could save their lives, Truvada is out of reach for sex workers in poor countries. (Businessweek)
  • Meet Annie, aka Norma Stitz. The lady with the world’s largest natural breasts. She began wearing bras in third grade. (HuffPo)
  • So today: sex education has to talk about genitals. (NewStatesmen)
  • Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Bette Midler. This and more in MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius. (DailyMail)


So Last Week 136

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, Barney Frank gets married. Frank Ocean makes waves. The appropriate appetizers for a sex party. Funny thing about the penis… and aren’t college sex classes supposed to be electives? It’s all So Last Week.

  • To serve, and not to serve, at a sex party. (HuffPo)
  • Rep. Barney Frank brings homosexuality out of the Congress. (VillageVoice)
  • Love can grow out of a sweaty one night stand. (Jezebel)
  • James Deen is the well-hung boy next door and he’s got a seven page spread to prove it. (GQ)
  • A sexual case study on a college campus causes controversy. (Alternet)
  • Sex in the nursing home. Why are we so prudish? (MSNBC)
  • Frank Ocean makes waves in the hip hop community by stating he loved a man. (MTV)
  • Why is the penis shaped liked that? Some things I did not know, like “the coronal ridge offers a special removal service by expunging foreign sperm.(TheStranger). Excerpted from, Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?: And Other Reflections on Being Human
  • Unattainable beauty: the decades most egregious photoshop scandals. (DailyBeast)
  • Is the submissive relationship in 50 Shades of Grey degrading to women? (TheIndependent)
  • What your favorite 80′s movie might say about your dating life. (Glamour)

So Last Week 135

There’s lots of celebrity in this week’s So Last Week. Anderson Cooper is gay. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. John Travolta is sued. Plus sex scandals in the air force and why you’re not married yet. It’s all sex news you may have missed.

So last week. City Hall celebrates same sex marriage. Anderson Cooper comes out. Hot or not, who decides?
  • Sex scandals won’t fly at Texas Air Force base. (MSNBC)
  • In New York State it’s not slanderous to call someone gay, but it can still be insulting. (NYT)
  • Anderson Cooper is gay. In his own words. (TheDailyBeast)
  • New research reveals men age but their testosterone levels don’t have to.  (TheAtlantic)
  • Unwed parents are normally poor. (HarvardMagazine)
  • You’re angry. You’re a liar. A new book points out some of the reasons why she’s not married yet. (Boston)
  • Who makes more noise in bed? (FemaleFirst)
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes don’t want to pretend any longer. (WashingtonPost)
  • Speaking of cruise, John Travolta is accused of inappropriate sexual misconduct aboard a ship. (MSNBC)
  • Porn causes severe, exploding headaches in one man. The solution seems obvious - stop watching porn. (Gawker)
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