So Last Week 119

In this week’s So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed, transvaginal ultrasounds and Virginia. John Edwards, sex tapes and shredders. Why porn will not destroy the universe.  Rihanna and Chris Brown get slap happy. Inside a Chinese sex toy factory.

1. courtesy of The L Magazine. 2. The sidewalk, close to home. 3. A Chinese sex toy factory (Reuters/Jason Lee)
  • Transvaginal ultrasounds are bad for Virginia and unconsenting vagina. (Salon)
  • You can’t pray the gay away. (Forward)
  • John Edwards sex tape to be sent to the shredder. (ChicagoTribune)
  • Kimberly Kane on the LA Condom laws (Xbiz)
  • A vodka billboard with a hook. (LMag)
  • What a lesbian sees in Rick Santorum. (Slate)
  • Why porn will not destroy the universe, despite dire predictions. (Alternet)
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown put band aids over boo boos and call it a song. (TheStar)
  • Analyze their lyrics. (BoingBoing)
  • I’ll tell you mine, you tell me yours. First orgasm stories encouraged. (xojane)
  • 30 photos of a Chinese sex toy factory. (Buzzfeed)

Hot Sox. American Gangbang: A Love Story

I first met Sam Benjamin back in 2009 at Audacia Ray’s Sex Worker Literati. He’s smart, charming, uses big words, has a great smile and knows how to write. His story at SWL (now the Red Umbrella Diaries) had me laughing really loud and hard. I wanted to get to know him better, but alas I was moving to LA, he had just moved to NY and so it goes. And now, I moved to SF and he’s living in LA, but I finally got a chance to sit down with him and chat it up.

This week’s podcast is not only about his wonderfully engaging and oft time hilarious memoir, American Gangbang: A Love Story, it’s also about his life as a go-go dancer, porn as art, condoms in porn, the best porn directors and performers in the world (think: Belladonna, John Leslie, Stagliano and more), and what it’s like for two of us..nice Jewish kids from the east coast, who got to working in the adult entertainment industry.

I had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy listening too.

Listen on my site, or via itunes (I love how itunes edited the word g******g).

And if you’re in SF, Sam and Richard Pacheco will be talking porn TONIGHT, 8PM at the Center for Sex and Culture.

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So Last Week 118

In this week’s So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed the same sex marriage debate lingers on, but why does it have to? The Bloggess offers her own brand of sex advice for parents. Fleshbot gets a female CEO (go Lux go). Motherhood without marriage is the norm for women under 30 and eight sexy webcomics that may get a rise out of you.

So last week: Me and Lux Alptraum. The back of my new No! sweater. A book on ways to cook hamburger.
  • The Bloggesses advice on talking sex with your kids. (TheStir)
  • Your brain in lust. A wonderfully easy to understand, animated version. (ScientificAmerican)
  • Maryland passes same sex marriage bill by a hair. (WashPost)
  • Next, a solution to the same sex marriage debate. (NYT)
  • A brother and sister get married, and later their son tweets it…and no, it’s not what you think. (NPR)
  • Surrogates ARE sexual healers. (CNN)
  • A new breed of porn CEO - Lux Alptraum. YAY! (Salon)
  • Eight sexy webcomics to read with the door locked. (io9)
  • “Motherhood without marriage has settled deeply into middle America.” (NYT)
  • Relationship tips…from men. My favorite: check the prescriptions before she moves in. (homegoesstrong)
  • The business of sex education. Me in Forbes! (Forbes)

So Last Week 117

In this week’s So Last Week, California knocks down Prop 8! Ellen Degeneres is ellen-oquent about who she is. Educated women have better sex. How to choose your first or next vibrator and RIP Zalman King. It’s all sex news you may have missed.

  • California’s same sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional. (WashingtonPost)
  • Making marriage more equal - one of the first gay marriages in California is headed for divorce. (SFGate)
  • The M.R.S. and The Ph.D. - educated women don’t marry less, just later, have better sex and live happier, longer lives. (NYT)
  • Holy Moly! Ellen Degeneres is motivated by moms in the 40,000′s. (Jezebel)
  • Now, listen to what Howard Stern has to say in her defense. (slog.thestranger)
  • No more cutting! Female Genital Mutilation on the decline in Africa. (Feministing)
  • RIP Zalman King, king of soft core sensuality. (Grantland)
  • Susie Bright on Whitney Houston. (SusieBright)
  • Vibrator Shopping: How to Choose Your Sex Toy. (HuffPo)
  • 9 best high-tech vibrators to buy for yourself or your Valentine. (LAWeekly)
  • Taking a friend in post-breakup. (MySexProfessor)

Hot Sox: The Sex Diaries Project

In this week’s Hot Sox Podcast, I squeal with delight when I get to talk with Arianne Cohen. Arianne was an editor at New York Magazine when she was asked to curate an article based on a handful of sex diaries from New York types. Fascinated by what she was reading, she took the project on the road and it’s now on the world wide web (check out, spawned three books (in the US, UK and Italy) and a TV show is in the works! Arianne’s book, The Sex Diaries Project, is not only an insightful, intelligent and honest look at the sex lives of various varieties of humankind, it’s also one fun and easy read! It’s full of Arianne’s great observations on all sorts of things like relationship types, signs of an impending breakup, soloism and other things you probably haven’t even thought of yet!

So Listen to the latest Hot Sox podcast on my site or via iTunes.

Buy: The Sex Diaries Project: What We’re Saying about What We’re Doing (

One last note: I’m delighted and excited that Arianne Cohen was the inspiration that got me back on the Hot Sox podcast bandwagon. I hope you enjoy the podcast. You can keep your own sex diary at The Sex Diaries Project.

So Last Week 116

In this week’s So Last Week, Komen and Planned Parenthood, are some partnerships better off dead? Republicans have more orgasms. Ron Paul and honest rape. Some spiders lose their penises for paternity. Yep, it’s all sex news you may have missed.

So last week: Pink products don’t screen for breast cancer. A card that reads, “Yes, I am an orgasm donor.” The cover of Hot Sex.*
  • The wolf in pink sheep’s clothing. Komen, Planned Parenthood and why the breakup was good for feminism. (TheNation)
  • Republicans have more orgasms and Prince Charming was probably gay. A new survey reveals more. (DailyBeast)
  • WTF is “honest rape?” Ron Paul says only “honest rape” merits abortion. (rawstory)
  • The Superbowl, sex trafficking and child prostitution. (SexualIntelligence)
  • File under FASCINATING: Male spiders break off their “sex organ” in order to father more baby spiders. And also it helps avoid being eaten. (BBC)
  • In Spain, the language of love is used to sell language. It may be cheesy, but at least they show condoms. (HuffPo)
  • Coming soon? An artificial testicle that produces human sperm. (LAWeekly)
  • Attention long distance relationship types: If you can’t kiss the real thing, kiss this pig. (TheStir)
  • Six not-so-secret, in fact rather obvious, secrets to a happy, loving relationship. But just in case they’re still a secret to you… (MSNBC)
  • Cynthia Nixon clarifies her stance on sexuality. (SFGate)

*Friendly reminder: It’s not too late to buy my latest book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight, for Valentines Day! And if you want an autographed copy, I can send one to you, just email me and we’ll make magic happen. hottwax at

So SO Last Week 115

In this week’s so SO last week it’s almost next week, gay actors don’t want to talk about being gay in Hollywood. Cynthia Nixon speaks my language about sexuality. Mute Newt. The deal on Seal, and lots more on online dating.

so last week: cheap divorce in NYC. the sunset in Jamaica and WTF in NYC.
  • Gay actors go out, but they’re not out…of the closet. (Reuters)
  • Why I think Cynthia Nixon rocks. (LGBTQnation)
  • Newt Gingrich should shut the fuck up. (ibtimes)
  • Tim Gunn pulled the trigger on his sex life 29 years ago. I love him for coming out. (LATimes)
  • When it comes to online dating, it may not be there’s too little jam, their may be too many jars to choose from. (CNN)
  • A pastor who advocated for more sex in marriage. But not gay marriage. (VICE)
  • Seal calls split from Heidi Klum shocking. (BelfastTelegraph)
  • New ways to date, and undate, online. (Jezebel)
  • And if you’re dating online, don’t drunk text after midnight. Okay? (EditrixAbby)
  • Drinking tea may prolong your sex life because you’re drinking tea and not having sex. (Limelife)
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