So Last Week 103

In this week’s So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed the Atlantic calls out to all the single ladies. When men are raped. Love between pepper spritzes at Occupy Wall Street, the Starbucks masturbater & the fictional first f**k.

  • Single ladies: Why it sucks, or doesn’t suck, to be you. (TheAtlantic)
  • Yes, rape victims get erections too. (GoodMenProject)
  • A love connection born out of pepper spray at Occupy Wall Street. (Gothamist)
  • Inside the gay-cure ministries. (
  • Why the person you fuck on the first date is more fiction than fact. (Jezebel)
  • Premature ejaculation, may not be just a guy thing. Premature orgasm and the modern woman. (LiveScience)
  • The “Get your freak on” note seen round the world. (BoingBoing)
  • Go Logan Go! Fox news doctor is bad news when it comes to his homophobic, misogynistic rants. (HuffPo)
  • If the snow this weekend wasn’t odd enough New York, you’ve got a man who plans to masturbate in every Starbucks bathroom across the city too. Meet Mr. PeePee. (StarbucksGossip)
  • Porn star helps fluff MLB players. (CBS)

Hot Sox: Hairy Pits and Gay Apps

As of this Hot Sox podcast I’d like to note that I am still growing out my underarm hair and am feeling sexier and sexier about it at the moment. It’s not long enough to dread, but when it is, I’ll be sure to take pics (if it is before I decide it’s not for me anymore).

That being said, enjoy my latest podcast…finally! It’s the Hot Sox podcast on hairy armpits and the “is my son” gay app with Ian Denchasy of Freddy and Eddy.

Listen to the podcast on my site or via itunes.

Bettie Page Those Bubbles

You can (for now) expect to see a new odd, interesting, quirky, educational or funny2me video here every Tuesday. Hope you enjoy!

This week,, it’s Bettie Page. I hadn’t seen Bettie Page on video before, just as a pin-up model, but in this 1953 video clip from Strip o Rama, Bettie Page is super bubbly. And I propose we coin a new term, the Bettie Page, about anyone who can play with bubbles and look totally, adorably sexy doing it. The looping bothered me, but you can Bettie Page me some bubbles, anytime.

So Last Week 102

In this week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed, Herman Cain says black doesn’t wash off, but gay does. Trans, the trailer. A convincing argument on sex education and meat. And, the NJ sex tip tweet that landed one senate candidate up twitter without a paddle.

  • Black doesn’t wash off, but gay does. So says Herman Cain, brain-challenged political candidate. Dan Savage says suck me. Seriously. (Unicornbooty)
  • Trans. A ten-minute tease. This looks like a wonderful, much-needed and well-done (with love!) documentary. More please. Thanks Chris Arnold and SexSmartFilms. (YouTube)
  • Go Team Cory! The ethical and moral dilemma of eating meat and how this relates to teaching sex ed. A wonderful op-ed. (HuffPo)
  • “Women, you increase your odds of keeping your men by being faithful, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom.” The famed tweet of Phil Mitsch (NJ senate candidate) is not well received. He blames it on Mick Jagger. (PhillyTimes)
  • Lackluster libido? Blame web porn. (Gizmodo)
  • Rihanna. Fierce from being abused, but not broken. She talks about Chris Brown, Eminem and more. (MTV) Watch the video. (Time) Hear Love the Way You Lie Part 2.
  • Siri’s intercontinental sex change: FTM. (Forbes)
  • Guys want commitment, women want sex…and other gender stereotypes. True or false?  (MSNBC)
  • So Halloween: Sex toys and zombies and what to do in case of attack. Yay for Neal and Lovehoney! (TheGloss)
  • Together, but not all there. Demi Moore is way too thin. The growing (apart) pains of life with Ashton Kutcher. (DailyMail)

Photo Credit: JamYe WaXman. That’s me! My pics from LA Decom and the A Touch of Romance boat cruise.

So Last Week 101

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, protect life (not), cadets coming out, transgender and online dating, skydiving sex and the tender side of Ernest Hemingway. It’s all so last week, sex news you may have missed.

  • The Protect Life Act is a load of not protecting life act. Blah. (HuffPo)
  • Coming out to the world on the web, gay soldiers share. (NYTimes)
  • For transgender singles, online dating is an obstacle course. (GlobeandMail)
  • Materialistic spouses make for bad marriages. (LiveScience)
  • Skydiving sex stunt sparks probe. (DailyMail)
  • The pill makes sex less satisfying, but keeps relationships going longer. Huh?! (PsychCentral)
  • Young Hemingway letters expose the author’s tender side. (TheAtlantic)
  • April Bonjour sues sex toy manufacturer after a near-death experience with their dildo. (Gossiponthis)
  • Older women want more sex, not less. (WebMd)
  • Young Hemingway letters take a look at the author’s tender side. (TheAtlantic)
  • The “smart woman verse hot handbag” dilemma.  (SMH)

image via oedipusphinx—theJWDban, zigazou, monica’s dad/flick

So Last Week 100

We’ve made it to So Last Week 100 on the very same day my new book, Hot Sex is being released! WooT, hooT and Holla back y’all. Amanda Knox and Sex and the City. Marriage and relationships. Food and gender. Fractured penises and attention. Plus, lots more to compare and contrast. It’s all so last week, sex news you may have missed.

  • What was Amanda Knox really guilty of? (TheGuardian)
  • Does marriage really ruin the relationship? (SMH)
  • The gender of eating: When the sex of the people around us that leads us to consume more or less food. (ABC)
  • Fractured penis needs its own awareness campaign. (TheStir)
  • He’s younger. She’s older. Can this marriage last? Statistics that make you go hmmm… (HuffPo)
  • The Playboy Club is apparently not ready for primetime. Too risque or just a bad show? Too late, you can’t decide since NBC has cancelled it. (TheNewAmerican)
  • Painful sex after menopause? Read this. (Health)
  • 40 years later, Our Bodies, Ourselves still stirs debate. (TBO)
  • 14 “ridiculous” sex products you want be needing, but you may be wanting. (TheFrisky)
  • Madonna’s untouched 2009 W photos prove she’s still hot. Be aware: there’s nipple and breast in these photos.  (TheGloss)
  • Wanna know more about the co-author of Hot Sex? Check out “Nothings Off Limits With Sexologist Emily Morse.” (DetroitFreePress)

Image via futureatlas, erik starck/flickr

So Last Week .99

Oh, so close to the big 100, it’s so last week, sex news you may have missed. An app says if your son spends a lot of time on his appearance, he’s gay. The yogasm. Occupy Wall Street vs. SlutWalk NYC. Arranged marriages are hip. Dating tips. Couples counseling and more. It’s all So Last Week.

  • Your son is gay app meant to help parent’s accept that their son is gay, or find out he’s not. Is it offensive, or not? (HindustanTimes)
  • “No public servant has the right under any circumstances to turn away a user of a public service on the grounds of their sexual orientation.” Or do they? Gary McFarlane is about to find out. (DailyMail)
  • Some women are having orgasms in yoga class. (thegloss)
  • One to think on, and read. It labels types of home environments, determined by how sexual topics are/were handled at home. (myjoyonline)
  • Did Occupy Wall Street push SlutWalk back into the proverbial closet? (whereisyourline?)
  • Arranged marriages are becoming cooler again. (dnaindia) Read what I wrote about it before I even knew this: (TheStir)
  • Ashton Kutcher’s campaign against the sex trade has its flaws, but real men don’t buy (underage) girls at all. At least that’s what I want to believe. (Alternet)
  • First daytime sex toy TV ads run in the UK. Go Lovehoney! (Telegraph)
  • Dominant women get less nookie, study says. (HuffingtonPost)
  • Counseling boosts couple’s sex lives after prostate cancer. (USAToday)
  • Online dating tips for men. Do you agree? (Guyism)

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