Armpit Amour

I didn’t realize I had a full-on armpit fetish until last week, when I was a guest on CIUT FM‘s Sex City in Toronto. Pre my interview, host Jon Pressick was conversing with a 25-year-old model from a country in Europe (I go back and forth between Norway and somewhere farther east) that was making some extra moolah by having sexy armpit, or sex-in-the-armpit, shoots. She was difficult to understand at times, and rather excited about getting across a heck of a lot of armpit love, which made it all the more difficult to understand what she was saying. However, there were times she was quite clear, like when she blurted out something about how it felt when his ejaculate spurted deep inside her pit. I found that quite charming.

Axillism - masturbation via armpit - is generally about guys getting off sticking their manhood in a sometimes sweaty, often stubbly, hairy, or sticky, crevice. While I don’t have a penis to pit, I know that I love the smell and the finger-poke under a good armpit. On occasion, even those sweaty, hairy, stinky ones turn me on.

the more I thought about armpits, the more I thought about armpits…

That doesn’t mean I like bad smelly armpits. I only like the good kind. I’m turned off by the smelly, unkempt types just as much as most. I’m super sensitive to smells and I prefer muskier ones, which might be why I find myself wearing Old Spice these days (and not because of their brilliant ad campaign). I also like my body odor, so I’m good with wearing Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Deodorant too. I prefer not to be dry under there, I like the feeling of a stick of deodorant sliding it’s way across my pit. I like sticking my finger in the moist strip that’s been left behind after a good application. I like kissing my lovers armpits, licking them even and I enjoy the smell of my own pits. Undeniable. I appreciate Molly Shannon’s SNL character Mary Katherine Gallagher, because me! too! I love a good sniff!

I think hairy armpits are sexy on both men and women.

I think I’m going to kiss my own pits right now.

I have yet to try armpit sex (axillism), but I know a good silicone lube would keep the pit/penis/dildo action going. After that, it’s all about seeing what perspires/transpires. I might laugh uncontrollably, sometimes I’m ticklish under there, but why not?

I’m game, like this Cornell sexpert was.

Totally game. ON.

Deep Inside Michele Capozzi

I’m really excited about this latest podcast, “Deep Inside Michele Capozzi.”

I was having coffee with Michele Capozzi (that’s him, leaving his boat) on Monday morning in Manhattan. He lives on the Upper West Side..on a boat. How cool is that? Although when it rains and the boat shakes then it’s less cool for me, because I get seasick. He’s been grandfathered into the Boat Basin and so he’s allowed to live on the water surrounding the isle of Manhattan all year long. He doesn’t live there in the winters (too cold) but this Italian Stallion moved to the Big Apple from Rome in April of 1978 and he has been spending most of his time traveling between NY and Italy ever since.

I first met Michele Capozzi back in October of 2001 at the birthday party for adult film pioneer Candida Royalle. He was disheveled, a state I thought temporary at the time, and wearing a crumpled T-shirt with at least 24 positions of lobsters having sex. We were in a swanky hotel somewhere on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, and if you know anything about the sorts of hotels in that part of town you’ll also know that this short, Einstein-esque in his hairstyle, foreign and highly magnetic figure stood out like a stowaway on an otherwise fancy yacht.

I had no desire to talk with him, not at first, and not based on anything outside of what I could devise from sight. He had brought another guest along, a foreigner whose presence reminded me of what it might have been like for Edward Scissorhands had he found himself in Fishs Eddy. I don’t remember anything else about his companion, but I’ll never forget Michele. He was the producer on Candida’s next movie, Stud Hunters, and I wanted to work on that video. I wanted to know the experience of what it felt like to be on the set of (as Capozzi would say it) “a “porno” movie.” When I asked Candida if I could work with her, she told me that if I wanted to be a part of the crew, I’d need to talk to Capozzi.

I was just following orders when I went up to Michele the first time. Like I said, he creeped me out. But now I think he is so not creepy (well, okay, he is, but not in the way that creeps me out anymore).

We wound up spending the night together. Not as in-having-sexual-relations-together, but as in spending-all-night-having-good-times-with-his-Italian-friends-together. Although our night hadn’t ended much before 5AM, he asked me to wake him up early the next morning. I set my alarm and obliged.

I wanted to impress him…

From that day forth we have, “how do you call it?” (another famous Capozzi line) been family. He’s my filthy uncle, the one I can still ask anything to, because he doesn’t have one of those inappropriate filters. I love him for that. I hope you’ll love him too. For his brutal honesty (he speaks like the deaf, no cushioning of blows. If someone’s fat, he’ll tell you. If they’re a woman with a penis, he’ll tell you that too (and the size of the member).

My hope is that this is only Part One of the Deep Inside series. A series where I delve deep, as in 30 minutes or longer, into how a person sees themselves, the memories that matter most to them and on topics that can be determined in an instant. From cellular masturbation (is that a real term yet?) to sharing the same prostitute as his father, Capozzi doesn’t hold back on his life and his loves.

Enjoy meeting a man I love more than I ever imagined I could. I know I continue to enjoy him more every time.


So Last Week .48

This week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed examines the constitutionality of sex discrimination, girls who are boys who are girls who like ??? and robot sex. Plus, Dan Savage, Ann Coulter (so! today!) and the next generation of birth control options.

  • Supreme Court Justice Scalia argues that the Constitution does not bar sex discrimination against women. (Time)
  • In Afghanistan, not having a son isn’t always an option. (NYTimes)
  • Dan Savage launches the It Gets Better project for LBGT youth. (Youtube)
  • An open marriage could bring you closer to your spouse. (YourTango)
  • On to the next one. Sex workers online, post Craigslist. (Asylum)
  • Hands off my hobby, or “why the industrial revolution would have never happened if, when you pulled the factory lever one way you made a Model T, and if you moved it the other way, you saw hot girl-on-girl action.” A satirical piece on Christine O’Donnell, masturbation and porn. (Slate)
  • Heartbroken? Take a Tylenol. (Psychology Today)
  • The never-been-married Ann Coulter speaks to gays about marriage. (HuffingtonPost)
  • Kinky robot fetish sex, please. (CarnalNation)
  • Is birth control finally getting an upgrade? (NYTimes)

So Last Week .47

This week’s sex news you may have missed looks at soda, strippers and saving the environment. Check out the link between soda and gender, and how coke zero differs from diet coke, plus astronomical strip club bills and the environmental benefits of dating local. It’s all so last week!

  • Real men drink coke zero. (AJC)
  • Craigslist gets out of the adult business. (CNET)
  • Modern Love: The Anatomy of Break-Up. (NYTimes)
  • Save the Environment. Date Local. (Slate)
  • Reading Playboy for the articles. (Gather via TheFrisky)
  • Fake pill produces more sex in women. (Businessweek)
  • Forget donating to charity or saving small villages, outrageous strip club bills. (Asylum)
  • The HPV Vaccine. For boys. (CarnalNation)
  • Stephen Colbert proposes “marry your hand” to Christine O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation rhetoric. (HuffPost)
  • The gang rape that made it to facebook. (Salon)

My So Called Sex Life at Burning Man

I’m finally podcasting again (it feels like eons) and decided to do something timely-ish and discuss my recent trek to the Burning Man festival held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (closest biggish city: Reno). That means you should click on the Hot Sox page at itunes (go ahead, I’ll wait) and start listening NOW my latest podcast: Sex and Burning Man. Yep, it’s up for you to enjoy, or not enjoy, if you so choose.

The premise of this podcast is to prove that Burning Man isn’t only about sex, drugs and rave-n-roll. For some of us (uhm, that would be me), it’s hardly ever about the first, it used to be about the second, but that was like so 2004 and 5, and now I’ve evolved into a citizen of Black Rock City (that means I work the event) - which I just heard yesterday surpasses Carson City in population as the third largest city in the state of Nevada for the one week a year it’s fully functional - post office and all. For me, now, it’s about rangering, dancing, and reconnecting with the city. But that doesn’t sound as exciting as the podcast is (at times). So check out the play-by-play of my seven years of sex at Burning Man and then hook a sister up for next year.

Or not.

Andrew Einhorn Makes Naked Girls Happy

Aaah, pictures of happy, naked girls.  Who’s the lucky photographer?

His name is Andrew Einhorn, and when he’s not making naked girls smile, I don’t know what he does.

I’ve known Andrew since the early 2000′s. He was hard not to notice the first time he bopped into the green room of a TV show I produced called Naked New York, a show, mind you, with no nudity. He made me smile. He was there to promote doing what he’s still doing today (shooting naked women, not girls, really) and from our first meeting I remember discussing Philadelphia (where he hails from) and how he had worked with Spencer Tunick, and that the name of his production company had something to do with cats and dogs.

I’ve known him about as many years as the average American marriage lasts. And like some of those marriages, we don’t talk much.

Last year, when he asked me to write the intro to his newest picture book, Naked Coast to Coast, I gladly accepted and then dug deep, back to a time, when Andrew and I did hang out more. I remember a specific day, back in the big blackout of 2003, that we spent a night together. Not like that. No sexy times.

This was almost two years after the year that will live as 9.11 forever and for those of us who lived in NY, when that blackout hit, we thought the world was finally going to end. It was that night that I found myself in Andrew’s downtown apartment, sitting in the dark with a few other random folks, talking about bathtubs and shooting naked women in them. Andrew had just completed a shoot for another of his books that day, and I wondered what it would be like to completely shoot the nude body for a living. Or to be the nude body shot for of living. And what is it like when it’s the naked body of the kind of human being that you, the photographer, are actually attracted to?

Andrew doesn’t not hook up with some of his models. He says so right here, in this Gram Ponante interview. But it’s only a perk of the job, I suppose. For Andrew, capturing the raw beauty of comfortable nakedness and getting to know the subject is what’s important. I can’t speak personally and say he’s a great cunniliguist, but I do know that Andrew is a fantastic conversationalist.

And that can be seen, along with naked pictures of happy girls in both San Francisco and New York (hence the coast to coast), in his latest book. If naked girl coffee table books are your thing (and c’mon who couldn’t stand to have a few in the house) at least give it a looksie. The book took two years to complete, and Andrew is always looking for models. If you want to learn more, and get a glimpse of the pretty pics I didn’t post, check out his website, Naked Coast to Coast.

so last week .46

Welcome to another posting of So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed. In this morning’s edition (yes, I got it up in the morning..wahoo!) it’s time to put the kabosh on the casual use of the term rape (birth rape, facebook rape, etc.) and a time to ask and tell for gays in the military. Plus Rachel Maddow won’t say masturbation.
  • The rise of rape talk. Not so funny. (
  • Don’t ask, don’t tell is thrown out of court, making it (potentially) easier for gays in the military to come out of the closet. (LATimes)
  • Emotional independence. Is it time for feminism to set single women free? (HuffingtonPost)
  • Presidential sex appeal. Has Obama lost his? (TheDailyBeast)
  • Survey says fat guys go longer and premature ejaculation, it’s a skinny guy thing.(Couriermail via Asylum)
  • Pornography and technology. A Q&A on how the latter couldn’t evolve without the former. (TorontoStar)
  • Mesh. Bra. Sewn into skin. Why does the thought of it make me queasy?  (DailyMail)
  • TMI: I was masturbating while watching this uncomfortable clip of Rachel Maddow stumbling over the word masturbation. (TVSquad)
  • Scientifically proven dance moves make guys more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Straight, white men take note. (CNN)
  • More video to make you smile. Betty Bowers, America’s best Christian, will save you from sex. (CarnalNation)

Used Sex Toys

A few weeks back New World Sex Educator, Jaiya (For more on Jaiya check out this estanoche interview) and I got to talking about (and recording video on) the ways we each had masturbated that very day. Jaiya is way more experimental than I am. I stick with what I know works, because it generally achieves the goal of the moment (which when I masturbate is often orgasm).

Jaiya’s doing a project called 101 days of pleasure, which took off way better then a blog I wrote a couple of months back on making out and masturbating (perhaps it’s because I didn’t update or tell anyone about said blog, or make out with anyone, but alas), and doing video to go with each day of solo play. I heart solo play, heck, I wrote a book about it, but still, I am so boring. My goal in October (since September is crazy busy with writing and moving) is to masturbate more and differently. I feel it’s a good way to celebrate the month of my birth, by re-exploring my body with new tools and toys.

Before I go any further, this is one of those - if you haven’t noticed already - TMI posts, the kind done in the hopes of getting you to think about the SEX TOYS in your life, and not how and why I use my eroscillator all the time (yes, I know, it’s time to switch it up).

The thing is, I get a lot of sex toys. A lot lot. Like more than I know what to do with. I know I can give them to friends but I’m in a phase where if I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not ready to talk it up, which makes me want to try everything at least three times. But once I try some of them once or twice, I don’t want the toy anymore.

How do you hand a friend a pre-used vibrator? Is there a way to ever do that? Would you take my dildo if I boiled it beforehand?

Even if I place a condom over the toy before I use it, there’s just something that seems a little off about that. So, most of my toys sit in their boxes, quietly murmuring for me to play with them, and then once they’ve been used, they remain used and alone.

If you want my toys when I’m done with them, for your personal pleasure, I guess you can let me know. I’m not sure how I’ll feel, or what I’ll donate, but I get some high-end goods. Or if you want the toy because I used it, we can talk. But that’ll cost you. (One has to have ones limits). Me, I always go back to the eroscillator. It’s fast, easy and fast and easy. And it feels good, and no you can’t have mine.

Of course, even my boxed sex toys are lucky. They aren’t abused, mistreated or otherwise disfigured. I hadn’t thought much about their well being, until I read about Miss Heather’s home for sick, unwanted and crippled dildonics. Quite the story really. In fact, this is Manhattan, one of the recent rescues:

You should read the article for giggles and the like. And if you haven’t watched the videos yet (yes, that’s one of them below), I think we’re adorable.

Happy Friday!

so last week .45

This weeks so last week, sex news you may have missed contains not one, but two weeks of news stories I know I missed (having just returned from Burning Man). From Sexual Anorexia to the Church of Orgasm, digest what you wish…

  • Sexual Anorexia. The other side of sex addiction. (Asylum)
  • Tiger and Elin. It’s over. Let’s go to the tape. (TMZ)
  • For the love of orgasm! The Madonna of the Orgasm church is rejected as an official faith. (Village Voice)
  • Sarah Palin. Feminism’s “it” girl. To the right, to the right… (NYTimes)
  • Meet Christine O’Donnell, a possible anti-masturbation Senator. (TheFrisky)
  • I can’t stomach this. PVC pipe as a sex toy. Talk about sticky. (TimesofIndia)
  • Oopsie, not that kind of candy. German Communist Party hands out pens with erotic images to six year old children. (Reuters)
  • Mad Men and childhood masturbation. A teaching moment. (CBS)
  • Love is a drug. (WashingtonPost)
  • Going back into the closet: Are LGBT elders aging alone to avoid abuse? (CarnalNation)
  • GPS Dating. Too close for comfort? (ABC)
  • Masculine feminine, or redefining “I am woman”. (Clutch)
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