Sex Product Review: Shunga Body Painting

After a night at my dear friend’s Freddy and Eddy, I came home with gifts! the Shunga Strawberries and Champagne and Chocolate and Vanilla Temptations Body Paints. I loved the latter, and the fact that it comes with a little spear to write all over your body with (or to paint your lips, or your lover’s body too). The bottle reads that it can be used for skin care, or a face mask, but I’ll stick to the stickiness of sexual activity for this one. For super yummy sex, check out my review!

Masturbation May: Pet Your Pussy

Before Masturbation May ends I just wanted to gently remind you to pet whatever it is that provides you with pleasure.  Whether that’s the shaft of your penis (or the head), your clitoris, G-spot, prostate, fingers, scalp or toes, loving yourself leads to loving others better. Plus, loving yourself allows you to show others how to love you like you like it.

This is some New Mexico pussy. I adore his adorableness and how his fur matches my socks!

For more information on May’s Masturbate-a-thon’s click here.

so last week .31

This week’s so last week is so all over the place. Just like I’ve been. The past 30 days had me traveling between Denver, New York, Connecticut, San Francisco, New Mexico and now back I’m back in Los Angeles (barely breathing before I move on again), so yes, I’ve been a busy beaver. And the fun doesn’t stop, nor do the “so last week sex news you may have missed” stories!

  • Equating sexual orientation with one’s sex life and what that means for Supreme Court nomination Elena Kagan. (Salon)
  • Holy scary s@%*! A lesbian, Iranian filmmaker may be sent “home” to die for outing herself through her art. (AWOLMonk)
  • Mark Dorsel debuts 3D Porn. (Xbiz)
  • Jimmy Kimmel uncovers the Lost secret sex tapes. (JimmyKimmelLive)
  • Self-imposed Sex Writer celibacy. I had no idea I was once part of a trend. (Sexis)
  • Carrying porn and visiting Australia, customs wants to know. (AFP)
  • Heart attack survivors don’t *heart* sex. (BBC)
  • Robot, not man, pronounces Tokyo couple man and wife. (CarnalNation)
  • Transmen in the city - the attraction between gay guys and female-to-male transfolk. (NYMag)
  • Switzerland manufactures a mini-condom for tween sized peens. (Jezebel)

spermicide w/out the bad fx

So, I’m teaching last night at Self Serve Toys, talking about how non-oxynol 9 is a big no no, and touting the evils of spermicide (all those words that end in cide, they’re almost always about killing things). I was reminded about N-9 when I answered a question regarding spermicide for Playgirl’s Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex blog. I remember, while doing research for Getting Off (the book I wrote in 2007) I was appalled to find some horrific statement that said N-9 was brought to the United States as a disinfectant for hospitals. That confirmed what my mother had been asking about years back - DAD, if you are reading this blog, and I know you do sometimes, stop here and wait for another post, okay? - about the white stains on my bedroom carpet.

When I started having sex, with my boyfriend of 1.5 years, at the age of 16, I was sooooo fearful of pregnancy that we were always doubly protected. Condoms were worn in conjunction with these white capsule like spermicidal blobs that were called Encare. I’d insert one Monistat-like tablet inside of me and then it would dissolve, leaving a foamy, mess in between my legs, all over my boyfriend and all over the carpet. On occasion, when not wiped up immediately, bad things would happen. Like the spermicide would actually bleach the carpet. BLEACH THE CARPET! This is what I was putting inside of me? OMG. And I still did it. Until I went on the pill I popped Encare. I look back at this now and shudder. I can still remember the smell, the scent of melting chemically compounds mixed with sweaty sex. It wasn’t natural. And now, my bleach-stained carpet reminds me of this every time I return to my parent’s house. No way, come hell or high water, will I ever touch anything that says spermicide, ever again.

But I know some women still like their diaphragms and cervical caps. And the only way to use one of those seemingly antiquated contraptions effectively is with spermicide. So last night, the fine, friendly and f*cking knowledgeable folks at Self Serve Toys told me about Femprotect. And now I feel like there is hope for spermicide and so I share this with you:

Femprotect Lactic Acid Contraceptive Gel is a reliable natural spermicidal gel.  This natural spermicide is designed for use with other barriers, is all-natural, and is midwife- approved! Because of its natural composition Femprotect doesn’t damage latex diaphragms, caps or condoms. Additionally, Femprotect is a good water based lubricant for use during any sexual activity.

Like I said, I haven’t used this, but who knew it was out there? I didn’t, but now I know about Lactic Acid Contraceptive Gel (sounds yummy, no?) and that’s all that matters. If this matters to you, learn more. Fer sure.

Sex Product Review: Sqweel

The Sqweel is more of a tongue tickling, lip licking rotating toy than it is a vibrating vixen. It’s great for those who get off best through oral action. Here’s my review of the innovative new Sqweel. Prediction, mouth - that may soon be so last year. (Okay, not really, mouth is still most awesome.)

TMI: Urban Tantra Teacher Training

There’s a lot I’ve been meaning to post but travel and fatigue have kept me from writing too much. But I wanted to share some thoughts, and experiences, I had last week upon participating in Barbara Carrellas’ magnificent Urban Tantra Teacher Training. If you don’t know about Barbara, or her amazing book, you should watch my review here.

Now, on to some of what I took away from five days with the most magical, magnificent group of urban tantra enthusiasts a girl could ask for.

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so last week .30

This week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed, includes a detailed kissing video by pornstar and sexpert extraordinaire Nina Hartley. Plus Lady Gaga’s “I’m not having sex” secret may be that she’s thinking herself off. And is Lindsay Lohan the next Linda Lovelace?

  • Nina Hartley describes the mouth as the portal of knowledge. I love her kissing advice. Mwah. (Sexis)
  • Kagan’s wide stance on abortion. (LATimes)
  • Lady Gaga can think herself off. (SidneyHerald)
  • Ouch! The American Academy or Pediatrics suggests American doctors should be permitted to perform ceremonial pinpricks on female genitalia so families don’t travel overseas for the full deal. (NYTimes)
  • Sixteen and getting paid for sex, no matter what kind of sex, is just too young. Right Lawrence Taylor? (HuffPost)
  • Unequal Partners. The Love/Huguely tragedy. (NJNewsroom)
  • One African man’s $38 fine (and six months in prison) for not always being “da man”. (BBC)
  • Lindsay Lohan as Linda LoveLace and Bill Pullman as Hugh Hefner. It’s happening, hot stuff. (AP)

SPR: Tenga Egg

This week’s sex product review is the Tenga Egg (the green one in case it matters to you). There are six different eggs, each with a unique interior texture. I love that the egg is cute, fun and effective. What is the Tenga Egg? It’s a masturbation sleeve for men, or for anyone who enjoys a good sex toy for penis pleasure.

And yes, I’m virtually on the beach in Santa Monica. Can you smell the salty air?

so last week .29

This week’s so last week: sex news you may have missed examines cell phone sex and nighttime cable programming. Sexting, the iPhone and Skin-a-max, can we tawk?

  • Sexting and under 17 could land you behind bars (and not the Bourbon St. kind) in New Orleans. (
  • Naughty girls need porn too. (Alternet)
  • iPhone porn. Never gonna get it, never gonna get it…(Sexis)
  • Soft corn porn still sells, and sells well it does. (LATimes)
  • Copenhagen wants you to get cozy on it’s buses so it introduces the love seat. (BBC)
  • Even chimpanzees have tools for sex. (NYTimes)

SPR: Urban Tantra Book Review

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another “one take, one time” video review, or SPR (sex product review). This week it’s Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century. I LOVE this book and its author, Barbara Carrellas.

Warning: It’s windy in San Francisco.

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