Smile 4 Sex

After overdosing on a slew of sex positions, here’s a random thought about why you would even try some of the most ridiculous of positions…

Sex Positions: It’s all about the smile from Jamye Waxman on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for specific positions to make you smile (even if you can’t stay in them to shag) you must check out sexinfo101, or click on the following positions:

The Piledriver
Bumper Cars

AASECT 2009: 1st Report

Monkey business. Last night. Late. In bed. Sideways..I can’t figure out why the picture won’t rotate…hmm..

Hanging out at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel. It’s the strangest luxury hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Smack dab in the middle of a parking lot/mini mall. Apparently the Giants won the Superbowl right across the street. But this does not impress me.

However, these words, and facts, all of which I learned today, do stir some excitement in my brain. Why? Just because I now know them, and I did not know them before.

  • One definition of YIFF is a Young Incredibly Fuckable Fella.
  • Vore is a fetish which involves consuming (as in eating) others, or being consumed. There is softcore vore, in which you don’t see the consumed being digested, and hardcore vore, in which you do.
  • The most searched query by 12 year old boys has to do with getting hit in the nuts, which is usually harmless, but can, if not so harmless, lead to testicular torsion.

Masturbation May

The following reminder is sponsored by the scab of the zit that remains on my upper left eyebrow (I know, I didn’t have to point it out, but I wanted to)…

May Daze from Jamye Waxman on Vimeo.

Sex News Square Down #25

This week’s Sex News Square Down - the Tucson edition - will have you thinking harder about her orgasm. Plus, low sperm counts across Israel and sex toys for trendy dogs. Seriously.

  • Does emotional intelligence play a key role in bringing women to orgasm? A new batch of research takes us to that “higher level,” saying that women who are in touch with their emotions are more likely to have orgasms. That’s a no brainer. (BBC)
  • The hot doll is coming soon. It’s calling itself the ultimate sex toy…for dogs. No, really. (Hotdoll)
  • Miss California and her anti-gay agenda. (LA Times)
  • Meanwhile in Maine and (hopefully) New Hampshire - legislators say hells bells to the legalization of same-sex unions. (CNN)
  • It’s Masturbation May, and to help you keep it going all month long, check out Top Five Tuesday - Masturbating Men. (Hot Movies For Her)
  • New airline x-ray machines will reveal everything. From love handles to the size of his package, are you ready to fly the more-friendly-than-you-ever-expected-to-get-down-with-friendly-skies? (Sexual Intelligence)
  • Too skinny for sexy time? Thin doesn’t always get you in..and out…and in…(Fox News)
  • Israeli men are less fertile than they were ten years ago. Is this the beginning of the end of the population of Israel? (Carnal Nation)

Abstinence isn’t the only option

Does the era of Obama = the end of abstinence only education funding?

Currently, all signs point to yes.

Read all about it at Amplify Your Voice and ABC.

Cuddling up with a good masturbation book

It’s Masturbation May! You can read all about it here and here.

Blue. Helping me promote my book.

It’s hard not to love Cory Silverberg (I think all the ladies do), but now it’s even harder. Check out his list of best masturbation books.

Sex News Square Down #24

In this week’s Sex News Square Down - it’s national day to prevent teen pregnancy! Plus sexting education and Playboy’s guide to America’s sexiest CEO’s.

  • It’s the 8th national day to prevent teen pregnancy. After 14 years of the decline of babies making babies, teen pregnancy is back on the rise. (RHRealityCheck)
  • Is Bristol Palin America’s new spokesmom for abstinence? (Debra Haffner)
  • Sexting Education. An interesting article on how North Carolina is texting sex education to its teenagers. (NYTimes)
  • The Flame has flickered. Penny Flame exists the adult industry stage right now. (Fleshbot)
  • If you ever thought “hey, I wonder why nobody has created a steampunk vibrator?” you can stop thinking now. (Laughingsquid)
  • John Edwards. Sex victim? Susannah Breslin investigates. (Slate)
  • Meet America’s sexiest CEO’s. (Playboy)

Spooning: How not to cramp your style…or hand

I’m doing all this research on sex positions, both to complete the Sensual Couples DVD and for another super cool project I’m working on for Playgirl. Today I came across this video on youtube, and I do love the baby t-rex arm. I laughed out loud. The only downside, I can’t get “fart and cover” out of my head.

My Last Toronto Epiphany

I had this realization after teaching my last class in Toronto on Wednesday:

While I do think monogamy is great, and an awesome achievement for those who continue to stick on the path (and while I’m not sure my epiphany is amazing), I also know that now is not the time for me to be the prime example of how to keep long term relationships ticking.

But that could (and will?) change down the road. Even if it’s not 100% monogamy, I’m hoping that I’ll have the type of partnership that I can really use to help talk to people about pumping up the passion in their own relationships. I’m just putting that out their in the universe now. Not for today, but maybe I’ll start looking in the fall.

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