Say it. And Spray it.

Picture borrowed from this story.

Once again making no news at all - its the spray on condom.

Inquiring minds want to know..would you use a spray on condom if you could? reports that spray on condoms are still a hard sell. But 30 year-old Jan Vinzenz Krause isn’t giving up hope. He’s working in some deep, dark secret laboratory (or that’s what I’d like to believe) in the middle of Germany plotting the way to make the perfect condom for any size prick. While there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe that it will happen tomorrow - the condom still takes too long to dry - he’s working hard, or maybe wanking hard..who knows?

The condom, which is a combination of liquid latex and other stuff you’d find in a hardware store, sounds like the hottest fetish item since the sucky bed. Unfortunately, it won’t be available until a faster-drying latex is born, so Krause is working on solving the condom conundrum another way - by making more condoms in more sizes. He’ll sell them online so that less-endowed men, the ones who should be buying small, even when thinking big, might actually buy a condom that fits.

I think the spray on condom would be cool to use on things like your fingers, or fist.

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