Things to do

image via and Come As You Are

If you’re looking to pass some time, but not necessarily some gas (although I’m not there to smell it), here are some clickable ways to do it.

Read: The NY Times published a fantastic op-ed piece by Jennifer Finley Boylan yesterday. Her op-ed, The XY Games, should be required reading for everyone. It’s well-written and helps make it easy to understand just how difficult it is to nail down gender…both in perception and reality. Nobody’s “perfect,” (although in healing modalities I’ve been told we’re all perfect, but that’s not the type of perfect I mean..although is there more than one type of perfect? Or is perfect just perfect?) and the human body, in all it’s forms, is amazing, beautiful and unique.

Listen: To an interview with me - done by my former classmate, and colleague, Tiffanie Davis. Here’s the link.

Try: Right-Angle Sex Positions courtesy of Cory Silverberg @