Sex Toy Review: The Delta

Another toy reviewed for my your pleasure. And it’s not too large for those worried about things being too large.

Delta by Tantus

I love Tantus, Inc. Not only because they’re toys are made from 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone (sounds so fancy, right?) but because they truly do makes some of the best high, quality soft sex toys. And the fact that they’re non-porous, odorless, boilable and completely non-toxic only helps to make my panties wet, err, more wet.

This month it was Tantus’ Elements - Delta for my pussy, or ass, to review (I chose pussy), and with it’s curved longer limb and it’s short, stubby nub I knew exactly the types of places it could go. The shape reminds me of the pointer finger and thumb of a hand, the kind that’s ready to “come hither” in your nether-lands. Beautifully designed for both the G-spot and the anus (yes, with that curve and a flared base to prove it), the nub feels great on the clit or perineum, and the longer bit is there to massage a G-spot or prostate. And it even comes with a vibrating bullet to insert into the center of the stylized flared base. My only question is, how does one reach said base? I mean if you get the whole length inside of you, you’ve still got the external nub, which makes it impossible to actually get down to the bottom of the toy. Still the ridges on the base were a comfortable place to keep my fingers, especially as I moved the toy in and out of my box. The vibrator was quiet and powerful, at least for as long as it lasted, which was around 30 minutes. I wanted to go for multiple orgasms, but without replacement batteries I began to lose my buzz, and so I went to bed instead. Still, the Delta did me right, even if it didn’t last all night.

reprinted with permission by Xbiz.

Are we slaves to sex?

I’ve posted below a “volley” between me and Daniel Pinchbeck. We’re both in the desert now, so I figured I’d share what happened before we left. You can read more at Reality Sandwich.

The set up: Daniel wrote to me about my sex toy review for Njoy’s Eleven. But it wasn’t really about the toy, more about the movement.

Daniel said:

Hi Jamye,

I wonder if you or others still feel there is anything liberating about these types of gadgets anymore, or is it more just feeding an empty craving for endless sensation?

I remember reading about the “God Realm,” one of the bardos in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It was said that the Gods could have unbelievable pleasure - incredible orgasms that lasted millenia - but ultimately it didn’t really matter. Because of the fabulous comforts surrounding them, they would never attain enlightenment, and when they finally died, after so many hundreds of thousands of years, they would reincarnate back in a lower bardo, and have to go through the entire incarnational cycle again.

Eventually we will probably have the capacity to put electrodes in our brain and stimulate orgasms at great length upon demand. Will that be a good thing?

What’s beyond sexual liberation and its addiction or enslavement to the orgasm?

At some point, you might want to check out the book, “Pain, Sex, and Time” by Gerald Heard

And then I said…

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Sex Toy Review: The Form 6

The only column I’m writing right now is for Xbiz. What I love about “Toolz of the Trade” is that I get to try some of the coolest sexy gadgets for one’s goodies. What I love less about it is that some of these toys, like the one below, are really expensive and not realistic options for a lot of people. Besides, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a sex toy to find a really good sex toy. However, if you can, and you want to, or even if you’re just curious enough to read the review below, I love that I get to be the one to test out what for me would often seem like unattainable purchases. I seem to be thinking about good vibrations, because yesterday’s post was about a vibrator. Well, today’s post is too.

Jimmy Jane’s Form 6 helped me understand why a man might be threatened by a vibe. Not that he should be, but if he were going to be, the Form 6 has more speeds, functions and vibratory power then any penis I know. It’s also really pretty and well thought out. The smaller more curvy side hit my G-spot perfectly, and the longer, wider side packed a nice, large vibratory punch.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to like this toy as much as I did. The various features (five different levels of pulsing, various speeds and the vibratory option on one or both ends) was more than I usually need, and although I’ve never cared about color before, I would have definitely preferred the green color to the purple one I was using. But it’s just so darn nice. And the curve! Oh the curve! I really liked having so many excellent choices.

I have to save I loved this toy, but no toy is perfect. The Form 6 does have a lot of removable and important pieces, like the base for the charger and the cord itself, and for people like me, who tend to lose things; you’ll have to make sure to keep it together. For about a day I lost my charger base, making my toy go from priceless to worthless, but when I found the charger all became right in the world again. (I checked the Jimmy Jane website and didn’t see an option to buy just the replacement charger). And it’s easy to shut the toy off in the middle of the action….almost too easy. Admittedly, I’m not one to read instructions, so it may be my fault a little, but still, I’d seen, and held, this toy enough to know what I was doing. And the last downer, it is really expensive. So while this makes a great toy for someone with tons of disposable income, it’s not a toy for the rest of us.

But, like I said, when I got do doing it right, it felt great. Fantastic for internal stimulation and powerful for clitoral stimulation. It has a great curve and I know it would feel great on your neck, your arms and his penis too.

If penis somehow went extinct, and women still had the Form 6, pleasure would go on. That being said, it’s nice to have penis around too

Price: $175.00. Available at Babeland.

Naughtinano is so naughty

Photos via Ohmibod website

Ohmibod came out with this commercial (NSFW) for their Naughtinano. It features their favorite Suicide Girl, Zoli, and Club Vibe’s new artist, Marcie. The song is called “DirtyGirl.” I love being called a dirty girl. And l love that you hear her boyfriend (in the video) tell her to “go play our song.” What he’s actually saying is, “go get off to our song.”

I wasn’t a huge fan of the ohmibod in my personal life, and truth is, I still don’t use it like I’d use my Eroscillator, but after test driving a new prototype in LA this past July, I am so about the fact that it’s a fun vibe. It allows you to enjoy your music on a whole new level. I mean, their “prommercial” makes me want to go rocking with my green apple naughtinano right now.

But first, I’ve got to pack. I’m heading to Burning Man tomorrow. And there will be plenty of music to get off to once I arrive in the desert.

Michael Phelps has grown into sexy

I can’t say I’ve actually watched much of what my grandmother refers to as “that Chinese TV show” but I listen to NPR and read news, and even I know that Michael Phelps is the hottest swimmer to emerge since Poseidon.

So I decided to look at some pictures to go along with My Sex Professor’s posts on Michael Phelps penis size, and even MORE on Michael Phelps penis size, and (you should read them for an in depth look at what’s going on with Michael Phelps penis) because that’s where it was first brought to my attention that a good number of people were interested in trying to decipher the hidden code underneath MP’s speedos (whether it be airbrushed or not). However, if you want to know if you should be allowed to know his penis size, Wiki’s got the answer to this question:

Would celebrities want their breast or penis size to be public information?

Yeah Michael Phelps is totally sexy, and I can see why one would lust after him for whatever. His penis, his power, his $$$, his breast stroke, his intelligence or his sense of humor.

And he looked like so dorky when he was growing into his totally smoking hot body. Which just goes to show you, it’s the dorky guys who become the hotties. When I went back to a high school reunion, most of the hottest guys were more like lukewarm. However, the ones I didn’t notice in school (although I should have because I myself wasn’t very noticeable), the ones who sat in the back of the room and played Dungeons & Dragons in their free time, those are the guys that really grew into their skin.

For some reason geeks often grow up to be the sexiest of the lot. I guess that’s all I’m saying. And that’s what Michael Phelps is really. American Dream and Swimming Dork.

Say it. And Spray it.

Picture borrowed from this story.

Once again making no news at all - its the spray on condom.

Inquiring minds want to know..would you use a spray on condom if you could? reports that spray on condoms are still a hard sell. But 30 year-old Jan Vinzenz Krause isn’t giving up hope. He’s working in some deep, dark secret laboratory (or that’s what I’d like to believe) in the middle of Germany plotting the way to make the perfect condom for any size prick. While there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe that it will happen tomorrow - the condom still takes too long to dry - he’s working hard, or maybe wanking hard..who knows?

The condom, which is a combination of liquid latex and other stuff you’d find in a hardware store, sounds like the hottest fetish item since the sucky bed. Unfortunately, it won’t be available until a faster-drying latex is born, so Krause is working on solving the condom conundrum another way - by making more condoms in more sizes. He’ll sell them online so that less-endowed men, the ones who should be buying small, even when thinking big, might actually buy a condom that fits.

I think the spray on condom would be cool to use on things like your fingers, or fist.

Read the full story here.

Shallow Diving

My dear friend Audacia Ray has offered me “one hot minute” on her newly formatted Live Girl Review Show.

Her first new show went live today, and she’s got lots of great (and honest) reviews in there, and she’s super smart and sexy.

Around 4 minutes in I make my first appearance. I talk about why staying close to the edge of the vagina can feel better to some women during intercourse than those deep, long thrusts. It’s because the first 1/3 of the vagina is the most sensitive, so it’s where we feel the most stimulation. Not that deep thrusting isn’t hot, it can be, and it can also be painful at times, especially if you’re really long and keep sticking our cervix and we aren’t into cervical sticking, but if she’s trying to have an orgasm while something is inside her vagina, then think about how you move your dildo or dick. What I’m trying to say is - don’t immediately dive in to the deep end of the pool. Sometimes playing in the shallow end allows for a bigger splash.

Watch the video:

To Spank or Be Spanked

Cover of Spanked. The book that sparked a thousand thoughts.

Last night J. and I shared a few choice words. The kind of words that suck when they’re the last words you say to your lover before bed. The kind of words that solidified my decision to go to sleep without the exchange of any other kinder, gentler words. No “good night, sleep tight.” And forget “I love you.” I was pissed, and not in the English sense of the word.

Alas, today’s another day. Besides the fact that we talked this morning (communication is good!) I’ve also given some thought to his much needed punishment, some thought to how I may let him know he was a bad boy, but also let him know how good he usually makes me feel. Punishment is not my favorite activity mind you, especially since I received heaping portions of it as a child, but people think I should be good at delivering ample “sexual” punishment when necessary. People who know me think that when it comes to my sex life I’m a natural dominant/top, and they say this because of my seeming heaps-o-confidence and jiccy-ness (JIC stands for Jamye’s in Charge). And while perception is one thing, truth be told, I’m more apt to let someone else get the best of me when I’m naked and horny. But not after reading Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press. Nope. After reading over half the stories from the hottest book on spanking ever, I am so ready to be the one doing the spanking.

While I’m thinking ass spanks for J., the book is not just about the ass. It covers spanking anywhere, and everywhere, one could imagine delivering a spanking (of course places like the kidneys and spine are off-limits, and you should read up on how to spank before you decide where to spank). And while it’s totally turn-on-able writing, I’m also happy that it’s got little bits of instructional advice dangling within the text. Like if you’ve never spanked before, take Elizabeth Coldwell’s advice in “Through A Glass, Sharply”:

…my gentle caresses have become firm taps. Not enough to make Elliot flinch, but enough to begin the process of warming up his bottom, ready for the harder blows to come.

Or L. Elise Bland’s description of her favorite spanking utensils, from the short story “The Breeding Barn.”

…some of the most exciting toys are those I find in the everyday kitchen - wooden spoons, spatulas, Japanese rice cake molds, pizza servers, breadboards and ice-cold marble rolling pins to cool off a pair of hot buns after a good waling. Still, the hardiest paddle of all is the human hand. You never leave home without it, and it never raises eyebrows in public.

Good advice, and there’s heaps more of it, as well as totally well-written erotica in Spanked (not to mention some fun-tastic cover art). Personally, I found myself more turned on when the woman was in the role of the spanker, and not the spankee. Maybe it’s because it’s where I now fantasize going with J. Because some time this week I’m going to force him to take his place over my knee and give him the punishment I didn’t know he deserved until I plunged deeper into Spanked. That being said, “Laser Tag” by Madeline Glass, and “Pink Cheeks” by Fiona Locke (both stories with a male spanker) got me hot, and it wasn’t because I was reading them while doing cardio at the gym. Seriously I’m hard-pressed to find a story that smacks of boredom in this book.

I didn’t know it was possible to write so much hotness about spanking. But now I do. And I also know where my hand will be going sometime later this week. J. I hope your ass is ready.

For more on spanking:

Check out Spanked: The Blog
Tomorrow Babeland’s blog will continue the Spanked virtual book tour/review

What men think

Of course not all men think this way, but I just read What Men Notice When They First Meet You ( and I think a lot of men think like this. I wanted to hate disagree with this article, but I couldn’t. I wanted to hate dislike him, but, well, verdict is still out on that one.

It is important to feel good about yourself, and feel you’re bringing your own version of sexy back. That being said, I think lots of “dudes” have certain set standards when it comes to the structure of sexual attraction. So, if you want to know what the other “team” (or your “team”) thinks, read the article. It’s worth a look.

The author promotes himself as a rock star of sex advice. Here’s his website.

Sex Toy Review: electrosex kit

Electrosex was never really my thang, but then I got my paws on my first “beginner’s” kit a few months back for a review in Xbiz magazine and I had to try it (I had felt a Violet Wand run up and down my arm once before but that’s all) . Naked City did their review of the toy, and that inspired me to share mine.

From Tools of the Trade:

I used to be afraid of that Operation game, because it felt to me like walking on carpet in the dead of winter and then touching a metal doorknob. You never knew if you were going to get shocked. Shocks aren’t my thing, never have been, and honestly, never will be. Not that the beginner’s e-Stim Kit (Zeus Toys) hasn’t changed how I feel about electrical sex.

I feel it. Oh yeah, I feel it.

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