Am I the last to know?

This Savage Love column isn’t old, but it isn’t hot off the press either. Still, the brilliantly eloquent Dan Savage has done it again. I’m talking about the column about Kandiss Crone, a reporter, and her hatred of all vibrating 3D thingies.

Via the Stranger, Savage Love

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Jamye loves Vulvita

So, the clitoris video was removed by Cherry TV because it doesn’t accurately depict the content of the soon-to-be launched channel. The channel is really, 100%, about women and sexuality. I kind of liked the clip, with the exception of the finger in the ass bit, but hey, I live in a world that is much more sexually accepting, so who I am to say?

Instead, I bring you my first attempt at using my new camera. (I edited this all by myself).

It’s called Jamye Loves Vulvita. It can also be called Jamye doesn’t love that shirt on her because it makes things look weird. But maybe I shouldn’t have pointed that out, because maybe, if I hadn’t pointed it out, then you wouldn’t have noticed. Oh well, better outfit next time. I mean I do match Vulvita.

Does he know where the clitoris is?

Cherry TV is about to launch, and I’m super-stoked to be a part of it (countdown to launch in T minus 17 days, give or take one or two days). The woman behind Cherry TV has started “leaking” some video excerpts from the site, and this short clip about the “love button” - as it is called in a more “mainstream media” like fashion - is pretty fascinating. It really makes you understand just how much less men, and women (although there is only one woman in this clip and she’s the host) know about her genitals than they do about his. I felt a tinge of sadness at first, but then I felt hope too.

And I do wish at the end of the clip that they actually pointed to the clitoris and said HERE SHE IS. YOUR BEST BUD RIGHT HERE. But if you can’t tell from the clip where it might be, let me say that the glans of this clit is big and bright orange (above it is the hood and shaft). Oh, and also, at the end when the guy says “and I stick my finger in..” (referring to the opening of the ass) I just want to say don’t do it like he says he does it. If you’re going to stick a finger in, start slowly, circle the outside of the opening of the rectum first and gently put the pad of your finger in before you insert anything else, including the rest of your finger. And use lube, lots of lube when you “stick your finger in” too.

But these guys didn’t have my “tips and hints” and so they had to find the button of love, and tell us what they do with it, on their own.

Does he know where the clitoris is?

And does he know what to do once he finds it?

Find out!

I know what I’m doing tonight

Do you?

Or do you know what you’re doing all week?

It’s Cinekink time.

(psst…they’re showing a clip from PT1: Toying with Pleasure on Sunday).

Tonight, I’ll be partying, opening-night style with the Cinekink kinksters.

Maybe I’ll see you there?

On the couch

I’m in at least two of Tango Magazine’s webisode’s of On The Couch.

You can watch it here too, and I must say that not only do I give good advice, but I really think green is my color (it should be, it about makes up the color of one-third of the clothes in my closet). Actually, I realize I’m in at least one other of the videos, and I like what they did with the series. I will also say this about Catie - I found her really hard to talk to. Obviously that was her job, but man I wanted to punch her teeth out (in a zen, peaceful way of course). I really wanted to tell her that Howard Stern had done this like years before she was probably born, and that being mean isn’t always funny. But truth is, it’s funnier then I thought it would be. On the other hand, I’m not sure that says much.

PT3 and Ejaculation

The final film of my first trifecta of films has been released, and this film literally shows an even bigger release within. If I’m not making sense, let me clarify. This “even bigger release within” is actually what has been called female ejaculation and/or squirting. In Scene 2 of Personal Touch 3: Exploring the O, squirter-extraordinare’s Cytherea and Lyla Lei let themselves go, which is why I hired them (because I knew they could go there). They (mainly) show manual masturbation, but they show it till they squirt hard, loud and far. While I hired these girls because I knew they could ejaculate, I just didn’t know how crazy, ridiculous their ejaculation could, and would, be. We actually covered the cameras with garbage bags (and the cameramen) and we blocked a wall between the bathroom and bedroom because we didn’t want to drench anything or anyone.

And with the ejaculation they achieved, we could have drenched people and places. It was crazy. It was beautiful because it was so far beyond anything I’d ever seen live. Sure they drank a lot of water, but what came out was not pee.

That being said, I don’t believe that every woman should ejaculate, or that it is even always an orgasm (it’s not). In fact, for me, ejaculation is a great release, and that’s my favorite part about it. Well, that, and that you get to squirt on someone, or something else - for once. But it’s very rarely a great orgasm.

All women “ejaculate,” it’s just not always the physical act of exuding fluid so far out of your body it can hit another target. No, for some women ejaculation is a drip or a drizzle, aka the wet spot on the bed after something, or someone, has played inside their vagina. But ejaculation isn’t the be all, end all and it’s not even always better than a clitoral orgasm. It just depends on when it happens and what it feels like when it happens. And ejaculation makes for neat party chatter.

If you want to learn to ejaculate, my favorite website is Jenny Spray. But it’d be cool if you buy my video too, cause that will show you it as well. And my video talks lots about your PC muscles.

You can read the Xbiz article on the movie, here

Ultrasound and the G-spot

According to this article, researchers are digging deep to tell us that you can now detect the G-spot through ultrasound.

The mysterious G spot - supposedly a route to female sexual satisfaction - can be located with ultrasound, claim Italian scientists. Some women say stimulating a certain part of the vagina triggers powerful orgasms, but medicine has not been able to pin down the exact location. Researchers told New Scientist magazine they found an area of thicker tissue among the women reporting orgasms.

My two cents here. The G-spot is part of the clitoral cluster and therefore it’s connected in some way to the clitoral network which is actually what you feel when you have an orgasm. And that’s all good. Read the article to figure out what their two cents are.

The Jessica Seinfeld of porn

That’s what I call myself at the end of this video.

Watch my interview with Essin’ Em from Eden Fantasy’s.

It’s here.

Free-ish at last

Texas no longer fears the Rabbit Habit. Their sex toy ban is over!! Someone in that state gets that buying sex toys is a private matter and not a public issue. So whip out your wand and twirl your flogger, it’s time to show Texas who’s their daddy.

Unfortunately, things are still dire in other parts of our country. They have nothing to do with sex toys except to say that maybe if certain legislators tried njoy out for themselves, they wouldn’t be so darn uptight anymore.

Over 95% of Americans have had sex before marriage but still the Federal Government allocated $176 million (much of it matched by state funding) toward Abstinence teaching last year. That means unless you’re married the federal government is trying to say “NO SEX FOR YOU.”

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Best Valentines Gift Eva!

I’m in the REM video for Supernatural Superserious! Check me out in my sleeping bag green coat, warm hat and huge ass scarf at around 1:40. Oh, and listen to the song, it rocks!

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