Halloween “Scare”

Today is Halloween, so I’ve decided to say Boo…and now scare you with something totally different.

Reading Chelsie Girl’s post on cancer has inspired me to write my own post. Imitation, it’s the highest form of flattery.

Today is the last day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is something that’s been a part of my family’s history long before I was introduced by a sperm to an egg. My grandmother’s oldest sister was dead by the age of 32 because of breast cancer. 20 years later her middle sister followed her oldest sister’s lead. And right around my grandmother’s 50th birthday, she too came face to face with the disease. She found the lump herself. Ironically, she had just returned from a visit to her neighborhood gynecologist, and he had found nothing. The visit inspired her to feel around some more, and that’s when she found what she found.

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The Reverse Cowgirl

Have I mentioned that I’m in LA right now?
Here for a meeting. One that I hope is BIG and IMPORTANT, and in need of caps lock and bold type.

But it’s also almost Halloween. So lets talk shop.

Ignore the frizz in my hair, and the expression on my face. It wasn’t my night.

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More on farting…

I’m obsessed with the fart, so please share your gassy stories with me.

Doesn’t everybody?

There are certain things that women say they won

Screw Music

CBGB’s the night after the last night.

I’m having a minor major breakdown and yet I feel the compulsivity of a post. This is how my OCD has manifested. From a picking of my gums and nails (well, sometimes I still get to the nails, but I wish I didn’t) to now having to blog on a regular basis. Even if I have nothing to say. But I don’t have nothing. I could use some help from the less musically challenged.

I need to know some music you like to fuck to, and why? Here’s some examples of styles I’m looking for: Fast & Fun (fast-paced sexy pop/rock tunes), All Night Nookie (long, steady, bass-heavy groovy tunes), Seriously Sexy (intense, harder rock/rap), 100%Romance (sexy i-luv-you forever ballads). please..any good musical tastes you can impart upon me, I beckon you to do so.


That is all.


Buy this magazine. My Sex Homework feature appears on Page 112!

Where I’ll be tonight:


KinkyJews: The Next Generation of Jewish Kinksters will host an evening of Jewish Lit-Erotica featuring:
David Bar Katz, Michael Lluongo, Amy Sohn, Apollo Braun, Aaron Hamburger and Jamye Waxman

Date: Wednesday October 25
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM (Doors at 7PM, Readings begin at 7:30PM)
Location: KGB Bar, 85 E. 4th St. at 2nd Ave., New York, NY


Cost: Free
Open to: All

In other news I’ve signed my second book deal!!!! So, yes, now it’s official. And I need help.

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Standing Corrected

Have you seen my buddy?

I got this email today. It’s about my My Buddy post. I think it’s got lots of legitimate points. I apologize if my review was unclear at times. I’m going to post my comments in between hers.

“First I would like to say that I am a fan of your website and read many of your blogs when time permits. I think it is ironic that you wrote a blog about my buddy. I purchased a buddy about a month ago from ebay. I am a very sexual individual and when I found this product, I was like WOW, what a creative idea, so I purchased one in cantaloupe because I am an orange-kind of girl.”

Okay, before I say something stupid, I just need to say that this email says a lot of really good things. Now when she say’s she’s an orange kind of girl, it does remind me of one of the most annoying jokes I’ve ever heard.

“Who’s there?”
“Banana who?”
“Who’s there?”
“Banana who?”
“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

Okay. My bad. Carry on.

“Anyway, I am only responding to your blog because I disagree with some of the things that you talked about. The buddy can be used with any type of wand, not just the Adam and Eve one, so if that one is too strong for you, you should try a different wand. Also, it is not just for women who want or like power and position. It’s a toy designed to be used alone or with a partner (and there are not many of those out there). When you talk about power and position, it was a little unclear as to what you meant. I feel power is not a good choice of wording because a woman using this toy in the correct position with a partner is not in any type of power. Doggie style is a position that puts the man in the power position, unless you meant power as in the power from the wand. Can you see why I thought this was unclear.”

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My Amazon Ranking

Candida. Nina. Me. This past weekend.

After a weekend of birthday binging, I’m quite literally pooped. On Saturday night my boyfriend arranged for some of our friends to provide me with the “royal” treatment. I have a friend who used to refer to me as Queen Jamye, and who once wrote a comic strip called Jamye’s Never Wrong, which is about as right as it gets, and so, for my birthday, Jonny had some friends dress up as queens and kings and royal bodyguards and well, we all got goofy, and fun was had..by almost all..but not all..which kind of sucks too. But yes, I had fun. Then last night consisted of dinner with the fam, at a surprisingly yummy place where I had some amazing halibut and a lot of wine. I don’t remember most of the rest of the evening which is a result of the wine, and is also kind of embarrassing at 32, but also quite lovely that I woke up without a single sign of a hangover - well, unless you count waking up fully dressed, over the blankets as a sign of the potential for hangover.

I also went online to look if my new book is up on Amazon.com yet, and it is! Crazy. It says it’s coming out two months before I thought it was..hmmm…

Women Loving Women: Appreciating and Exploring the Beauty of Erotic Female Encounters (Paperback)
by Jamye Waxman

List Price: $19.99
Price: $13.59
You Save: $6.40 (32%)

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Good Cop, Bad Robber

My wallet got stolen last night. It’s actually this crazy karmic story of love and betrayal, well, not really love, but maybe betrayal, and I’m still sitting here today thanking the powers that be that my computer wasn’t stolen. I had just completed three hours of research and was in the middle of writing a couple of stories I wouldn’t be able to get back. Yeah, I know back it up or email everything to yourself, but when you walk from a coffeeshop to your friends house, you don’t expect to be robbed.

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Pussy 101

A little piece I wrote a few months back about Pussy.


Things I’m thinking about today

Belly Buttons - The benefits of an “innie” vs. an “outie”. I like the innie better because then you can stick your finger into your belly button and work your way around. Deeper and deeper. It usually smells funny after that, but it feels good, sends some sort of tingle to the surrounding areas. I was sad when I had my piercing for only one reason,I couldn’t play with my innie anymore. (do you see the scar?)

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