October 16, 2021

My Buddy - Sex Toy Review

My Buddy

Not this buddy 07_2.jpg

When P. emailed me about his new product, My Buddy (and again no, it's not the doll that was created for boys that also bares more than a little resemblance to Chucky the killer, psycho toy), I wasnít all that into the concept. Itís not that I didnít think it was a good idea, I did, but itís designed to work with a Hitachi Magic Wand or another powerful back massager, and those types of vibes are a bit too much for a sensitive clitty like mine. I own a wand, but I donít use it. At least not on my sensitive bits. I do use it on my back, or on my boyfriends back, because on the low setting the magic wand does make for a good back toy.

So, yeah, when P. sent me his idea and asked me if I wanted to help him arrange a study, I wasnít all that quick to dive in. I did however request a sample (as a sexplorer I want to explore). So, we communicate for months before the product is actually complete and then one day I get a voicemail from P.

He tells me he thinks Iím an indigo kind of girl (actually Iím more of a green or pink) and so heís sending me one of his My Buddyís for testing. It takes about a month to make its way into my home. I happen to live near the worst post office in the world, and therefore when Iím not home to accept shipment, it takes them almost three weeks to get me the package (as an aside, it takes them another two months to find and redeliver my diploma this summer).

Itís a bit bulky, this My Buddy, and my boyfriend rolls his eyes with that ďoh great, another sex toy that is going to take up room in our spaceĒ sort of expression. I promise to test it, and then find a good, caring, Hitachi Magic Wand loving home for the buddy.

So, another month passes and now Iím ready to take My Buddy for a ride. I realize Iíve yet to accurately describe what a My Buddy is, and while I will link to the site, truth is, itís a hard site to read. Between the black background, and the type that moves itself, spending too much time on the sight may make you queasy. But thatís not the point.

Okay so My Buddy is sort of like the Mini-me version of a Liberator Shape in that it allows you to get in certain positions that you might not be able to get into without its help. It looks sort of like a warped pillow with a glory hole drilled out of its middle. Itís designed with one end to grasp your thighs around, and you can essentially ride it. Stare at the picture up top and youíll understand betterÖ

I squatted on it and let the Magic Wand work itís uh, magic. I also kept both my pants and underwear on at this time too (it still does the job this way, trust me). I felt like I was putting too much weight on the buddy, and I wasnít always comfortable in this position. When I tried to get more comfortable, then the Wand wasnít in the right spot. I imagine it would actually work well if I was in doggie style, getting fucked from behind. But I donít think I can take the intensity of the wand and the sex, at least not at the same time.

So, do I recommend this product? Well, I do think itís a nice way to play with your Wand without needing your hands. I do think that itís going to work well for a group of women who like power and position. I like that it comes in a number of colors and that P. is really passionate about his buddy. Still, itís too big for my apartment, and ironically itís not that big at all. But itís a unique-ish idea, and something that, if you canít live without a Wand, you may consider buying. Just to change things up a bit.

Posted by jamye at October 16, 2021 05:12 PM