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Monday, March 12 2012

So Last Week 121

My thoughts. A view of my new city. My alien penis art. .

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, the cartoon Doonesbury goes not so comic . Contraception fairies. Emo killings in Iraq. A new book says, wake up women, men cheat. Plus, breaking a penis and other stories that make you go “ouch.” It’s all So Last Week.

  • Doonsebury comic strip on rape and abortion law doesn’t fly in certain states. (Guardian)
  • Contraception fairies and the pro-choice reawakening. (Salon)
  • Scary stuff in Iraq where being perceived as gay is enough to get you killed. (HuffPo)
  • Men cheat. A controversial new book tells women to deal with it. (TheSun)
  • What happens when you break a penis. (io9)
  • A dating site for couples. (NYT)
  • Hey Kirk Cameron, “other people have the a right to mock you and the silly, stupid words that have dribbled out of your skull through that word hole above your chin.” Yeah. (whatever.scalzi) (Thx Charlie Glickman!)
  • Let them eat cake (they do!) Emily McComb spends a day on a Jessica Drake/Wicked Pictures shoot. (xojane)
  • Two privileged Julia’s advice for Sex and the City wanna-bee’s makes me happy I was never a velvet-rope-kind-of-girl. (NYPost)
  • Good for desert living I suppose. Women best at spotting snakes (actually snakes, not trouser snakes) after ovulation. (stylist.co.uk)

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