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Wednesday, September 7 2011

So Last Week .95

It’s two weeks of So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed and it’s happening on a Wednesday. Crazy! Having just returned from Burning Man, and not being able to access my own website from the Grande Sierra hotel (the horrors) became big obstacles to getting up last week’s sex news. If you haven’t heard about some of these stories then you are officially so, so last week. What you’ll read about below: Creepy actor dude and his 16 year-old bride freak me out. PETA goes porn. In France, sexless marriage costs one man a lot of francs. Online dating don’ts, like don’t online date. Bull semen, a deadly bout of masturbation and one sperm donor breeds 150 offspring. It’s all so last week, sex news you may have missed.

  • PETA is making XXX porn to promote animal rights, but something still feels wrong. (LAWeekly)
  • One sperm donor, 150 offspring. (NYT)
  • Doug and Courtney - 51 year-old actor and his 16-year old bride are so in love they’re going to do a reality show. Yes, I’m thinking what you’re thinking, I think. (SeattlePI)
  • Sexless marriage costs a man in France some serious francs. (TorontoSun)
  • Funny people write a funny post on why no one wants you when you’re online dating and it’s pretty spot on. (CNN)
  • Love can make you sick. Literally. (MSNBC)
  • Boy dies after masturbating non-stop, 42 times. Who counted? (m24digital)
  • Oral sex, Emily so doesn’t love you. (xojane)
  • Porn industry sues regular folk for illegal porn downloads. Bam. (VancouverSun)
  • Lost bull semen shuts down interstate. (Consumerist)
  • Weatherman finds his “friend” dead and wearing a dog collar in a hot tub. (NYDailyNews)
  • Beyonce’s got back and baby on board. Marriage activists use this information to get all activisty. (WashTimes)
  • Ben & Jerry’s offer schweddy balls ice cream! (NPR)
  • Marc Anthony’s marriage to J.Lo ended because it didn’t work anymore — duh. (People)

image via Charlie Phillips/flickr

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