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Monday, January 3 2011

So Last Week .61

This week’s (happy new year!) so last week, sex news you may have missed includes stories on sexual enhancement drinks that may cause stiffies, a study on the benefits of being dumped plus posts on the best from last year, including sex advice and the obits of the sexual intelligentsia. It’s all last year’s sex news you may have missed because you were too busy celebrating the new year.

  • Sexual enhancement drinks to die for. (LATimes)
  • Sexual losses of 2010. (About)
  • “Rejection Hurts: The Effect of Being Dumped on Subsequent Mating Efforts.” A surprising study. (CTV)
  • In isolated Utah city, new clubs for gay students. (NYTimes)
  • Man who liked to be run over by women in cars analyzed 50 years later (io9)
  • DIY sex change: Don’t try this at home. (DailyMail)
  • Relationship gurus give New Year’s sex advice. (Statesman)
  • John Travolta’s sexuality. You can bet on it. (Sportsbookgurus)
  • Merry Christmas 12 year old girl with new tablet PC. Here’s some prepackaged porn for your system. (UPI)
  • Man arrested for masturbation blames Tabasco sauce. (SunSentinel)

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