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Wednesday, December 15 2010

Pile Driving

Autumn and Rob, and not the pile driver

The Pile Driver is one of those sex positions you see in a porn movie and think, “why would I ever do this in my real life?” I started thinking that very same thought after reading this warm and glowy, and brand-new! review of my movie, 101 Positions for Lovers. We shot the DVD on location at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. It was late February/early March and I was living in New York at the time, so being down in the Caribbean in the winter was a bonus, no matter what else happened that week. I was hired by a man at Adam and Eve to make a movie that isn’t perfect, but that people could enjoy.

(On another side note, it was also when I was going through one of the biggest transitions in my personal life, which I did write in a passionate and concise story that was then rejected by Modern Love.)

It wasn’t my idea to do a positions video, it’s not like it’s a novel idea anyway. But sex positions movies do sell, because it’s one way to practice recycled sex (sex within a long-term relationship) without bringing in other humans or having to spend money. While the movie actually has 102 sex positions (we shot 107) I know, and I know you know, that most typical humans have sex in 2 or 3 ways at most. For most of us they’re called missionary, woman on top and doggie style, with variations on the lot. Every once in a while there’s a pile driver, wheelbarrow, or spooning sideways position that makes me laugh and/or orgasm. And generally, it’s not the Pile Driver, a position that was created on video because it’s one of those positions where everything is out there to be seen. The partner on bottom is laying on their back, with their legs up and over their shoulders so that when the partner on top dips their protusion into an orifice that beings with v or a, the camera can get a lot of genitalic detail (i’m digging my use of non-word words, are you?)

We shot two piledrivers for the Sex Positions DVD. One, the original, with Angela and Ethan. She was really agile so I knew she could shoot it, but she was also really sore from the 30-something positions we had her shoot the night before.  She was a good sport, but I don’t think she’ll ever say it was her favorite position. Then Autumn and Rob shot the reverse piledriver for us. She wasn’t as flexible or comfortable, so we used pillows under her back. Autumn was a trooper, but pile driver didn’t seem like her cup of tea (bagging).

I can’t say “try the pile driver,” you’ll love it. But I did learn from it, and you can too. I remember shooting the pile driver scenes more than shooting lots of other positions. I can recall where, when and what it was like when we shot the Pile Driver. And not only did the pile driver become a memory, but it also made me more aware of how I could improve my skills when it comes to scheduling porn star sex acrobatics.

To wrap it nicely into a tight sentence; pile driving is something you’ll remember long after the partner on bottom slowly lowers themselves back down.

If you’re physically able*, then when the deed is done,  you may also remember little things you liked about being on top or on bottom again. You might then find ways to use them elsewhere, like in missionary, doggie style or woman on top. Or professional wrestling.

Buy the Signed DVD on my media page (scroll beyond the books to find it)

*One word to the wise: Don’t assume this position with lower back problems, or neck injuries, unless of course you know what you’re doing.

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