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Tuesday, November 10 2009

so last week .03

Better late than pregnant. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask.

  • Happy for health care but sick about Stupack. (SexualityandReligion)
  • How many months, or years, does it actually take to get over a breakup? (YourTango)
  • Former Miss America Carrie Prejean caught on tape doing it like they do on the Discovery channel. (TMZ)
  • Man Cheddar and Hairy Axe Wound. Yucky euphemisms for the genitals. But wait, there’s more. (EyeWeekly)
  • The Flip Hole and other places for penises to play in. (Details)
  • Random Night Out Pics - last weeks sex blogger calendar release party. (RandomNightOut)
  • Duke University sex toy study is criticized by a religious leader looking for his 15 minutes. (UPI)
  • Why you too should love lube. New research on who uses store bought sexy liquids. (About)

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