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Thursday, November 12 2009

Long Distance Love and Designer Vaginas

I have to preface this by saying that I’m HUGELY skeptical on how often long distance love lasts, but maybe I’m just a tad bit tainted these days.

Tracey Cox at ivillage thinks it can last, and here she gives you advice on making it happen. If you’re partner is abroad, you might find something new here.


In other news, if you’ve ever thought you’d look so good with a designer vagina, please think again. The BBC reports that while you might think it looks good (Jamye speaking now: honey, your vagina already looks good) there are real risks to the fantasy of the fantastic and fun shaped vagina. These include:

  • exacerbating damage to the nerve supply to the area, impairing sexual sensitivity and satisfaction.
  • women might experience similar problems in childbirth as those who have experienced female genital mutilation.
  • women are more likely to experience significant tearing and bleeding after labor.

I have body image issues, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But one thing I will not touch - unless I medically have to -  is my vagina. And you shouldn’t either.

Long distance love can come and go, but your vagina is yours forever (or at least for as long as you are).

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