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Monday, October 26 2009

So Last Week .01

Every Monday, from now until I decide to stop doing it on Monday’s, you’ll get the sex news that mattered last week delivered fresh to your inbox this week. Some of it is still worth reading, if you haven’t read it already. Especially this weeks NYMag section devoted to foreskin. Fascinating.
  • NY Magazines whole section devoted to circumcision. It’s called For and Against Foreskin. (NYMag)
  • When talking sex gets a 22 year old Saudi woman 60 lashes, its a reminder that the times are still behind us. (NY Times)
  • Condoms play catch up with pill for 1 in 4 women. (TimesOnline)
  • Stolen bag of sex toys isn’t really a stolen bag of sex toys but somehow because it could have been stolen bag of sex toys it has made the news. If you want to make the news, just tell the police you have a bag of sex toys that you would like to report missing. And then list them. (UPI)
  • Armpit Orgasms. Just ask Veronica Mittnacht. (TheFasterTimes)

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