So Last Week 123

In this week’s So Last Week, a pontification on the reason Obama isn’t backing gay marriage. Coregasms. Why ladies love James Deen and the new mongam-ish. It’s all sex news you may have missed.

My so last week: Candy from the Ecstasy is Necessary book party. Kok, enough said. Designer bush.

  • Why Obama isn’t backing gay marriage and it’s dividing his supporters. (TheAtlantic)
  • Coregasms really do exist. (Time)
  • James Deen: Feminist porn star. (Guardian)
  • Monogam-ish. Should you try an open relationship? (WomensHealth)
  • The backpage dilemma. Weeding out child sex trafficking without losing the right to advertise for consensual adult sex. (Salon)
  • Why the right is wrong when it comes to sex. (Alternet)
  • Sexual freedom and women’s success. (WSJ)
  • Predictable! Facebook says Valentines Day is the most popular day to declare you’re in a relationship. (ZDNet)
  • Online dating verse online gaming. Why World of Warcraft may be a better place to find love. (HuffPo)
  • How 600 tweets can get you a porn star prom date. (CNet)