So Last Week 111

It’s the ho-ho-holiday edition of So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed and it includes how saying gay can get you in trouble in Tennessee. One child limits don’t work for all of China. Helen Gurley Brown’s influence on single women today. A first lesbian kiss. The Elf on the Shelf almost R Rated Outtakes.

  • Don’t say gay. Tennessee school actually bans everything homosexual. (thenewcivilrightsmovement)
  • A look at some of the daring few who challenge the one child limit in China. (USAToday)
  • Helen Gurley Brown and how Sex and The Single Girl, made unmarried, childless women less oddball-ish. (BBC)
  • Do ask, do tell. Lesbian naval officer scores first kiss. Swoon. (HuffPo)
  • So updated last week: Former ex-gay minister reveals he’s still gay and he can’t change that. (HuffPo)
  • Young couples don’t marry so they don’t have to divorce. (LiveScience)
  • RKB on negging. (TheFrisky)
  • Meet the penis mom. (GirlonSaturday)
  • The popularity and perfectionism behind butt sex. (Jezebel)
  • Girls Gone Wild Elf and more. (LilBlueBoo)
  • Chastity Belts. A very brief history. (Mosex)

So Last Week 110

How RU-486 could change abortion laws. Inspiration in the form of twins. The lack of pubic hair on women. A defense of casual sex. Bradley Manning’s secrets.It’s all So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed.

Things I saw, So Last Week.
  • The next Roe v. Wade. Jennie McCormack’s abortion battle. (DailyBeast)
  • An inspiring (and amazing) story of two identical twin boys who were weren’t exactly identical. (BostonGlobe)
  • What’s happening to America’s vaginas? Pubic hair goes the way of the dinosaur. (TheAtlantic)
  • Reading this could make you happier: 10 habits of happy couples. (HuffPo)
  • In defense of casual sex. (PsychologyToday)
  • How to get rid of a one night stand: Derek Jeter style. (NYPost)
  • Bradley Manning had secrets. (BoingBoing)
  • 5 historical sex myths you may think are true. (Cracked)
  • Vulva tattoos you may, or may not, want to screw with. (Buzzfeed)
  • Where would you lick if you had 24 flavors of sexual orientation to choose from? (Sexis)
  • What does Ryan Gosling’s sperm have to do with getting pregnant with Michelle Tea? (xojane)
  • Melissa Rivers is dating porn mogul Steve Hirsch. Can we talk? (TMZ)

So Last Week 109

In this week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed, does a man’s role need redefining? Bananas, cucumbers and the ten naughtiest vegetables on earth. Should consensual sex be taught to teenage boys? Glow-in-the dark vagina dentata, legalizing prostitution and more! more! more!

my so last week: plungerhead and tahoe
  • Why we need to stop bemoaning the end of men. (Forbes)
  • Persons excited by penises, beware. Bananas and cucumbers lead to thinking about sex. (ibtimes)
  • The ten naughtiest vegetables on earth. (OrganicAuthority)
  • It’s time to legalize prostitution. (Salon)
  • Teaching mutual satisfying consensual sex may help boys wait a little longer to “just do it.” (PsychologyToday)
  • Toddlers touching their bits. (MadeForMums)
  • A guide to farting in the middle of a blowjob, and then more non-sex questions. (DeadSpin)
  • Uhm, yeah. Glow in the dark vagina dentata underwear. I like-y. Thx @MollyCrabapple (etsy)
  • Polyamory with Jaiya. Meet my friends and fellow sex educator Jaiya, her partners Jon and Ian and their son Eamon. (DailyMail)
  • Ye olde college try. Is it impossible for men and women to be just friends? (youtube)
  • Why dating your opposite isn’t always attractive. (

So Last Week 108

In this week’s So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed, condoms with teeth fight rape. Siri isn’t serious about abortion resources. Scarlet Road teaches us about love, sex and disability and is virginity on the rise?

So yesterday: nipple cupcakes @CondomRev in Costa Mesa
  • Condoms with teeth fight rape in S. Africa. (Gizmodo)
  • How the iPhone’s Siri is misleading women who need reproductive help. (ThinkProgress)
  • Meet the lovely sex worker who sexes up disabled clients and teaches us all a thing or two about the human experience. (Jezebel)
  • The Little Rooster is a vibrating alarm clock you were in your panties. Sign me up please! (Geekologie)
  • The odds of getting into the NYT wedding section. Yes it does depend on who you are and what you’ve achieved. (TheAtlanticWire)
  • TLC debuts “The Virgin Diaries,” and a recent study shows virginity is on the up-n-up. (ABC)
  • File under HAWT: Rouge. A short film by Smitten Kitten. (YouTube)
  • Sex school to teach better loving opens in Vienna. (HuffPo)
  • LA could vote on porn star condom use. (TorontoSun)
  • No crazy chicks. Eight red flags in online dating. (
  • Five relationship killers (written for hetero-types). Do you agree? (ChicagoNow)

Hot Sox: Amy Jo Goddard, Sex Educator Extraordinaire

In this week‘s Hot Sox podcast I’m joined by pioneering, feminist sex educator Amy Jo Goddard to discuss the large part that sexuality plays in our lives. Working on shame and patterns, Amy coaches women and couples through a nine-step program to help them get the things that they want out of their sex lives and relationships. What are the major issues couples have? From communication to sex skills, Amy Jo’s got you covered.

Plus building a community for sex educators, being authentic in our sex lives and what happens when sex educators need sex advice? Suggestions from one of the premier and authentic sex educators I have ever known, Amy Jo Goddard. For those in the New York area, you don’t want to miss her workshops either. And sex educators, take her online survey here.

Listen to the podcast here or via itunes.

Twitter: @amyjogoddard

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