Exxxotica NY: Riding the Bucking Boner

Exxxotica NY is in New Jersey, and it’s not even like right over the bridge in Jersey. I taught at the expo for all three days, and I meant to post this video before the expo ended, but oh well. Better late than (fill in the blank).

Riding the Bucking Boner from Jamye Waxman on Vimeo.

Female Masturbation: The Freddy and Eddy Podcast

I sat down this week with my dear friends (full disclosure, they are also my family these days) Freddy and Eddy to talk about about female masturbation and the meaning of Burning Man.

I’ll be flying west to east today, but if you listen to the podcast it’s like I’m always on the ground!

Sex News Square Down #29

After weeks of silence, Sex News Square Down is back and badder than ever. This week’s SNSD #29 had me wondering about bed sharing, giant vaginas and why Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page made out for a magazine. 

Before we get to the newsier news, I’m happy to report that bush is back. Yep, the most exciting news may be that I now have a merkin made out of my very own hair. Okay, if that doesn’t do it for you…
  • Is sharing a bed bad for your health? Survey says lots of people ain’t sleeping well when they sleep together. (BBC)
  • Hard times happen. A short report on the porn industry’s continued slump. (The Economist)
  • Only in LA. “Giant Vagina Outlasts Spiteful Billboard in Koreatown.” It’s the title that gets me. (MSNBC)
  • File under “because it looks pretty.” Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore make out for Marie Claire. (Fleshbot)
  • Tests may prove that 18 year old South African runner Caster Semenya was born intersexed.  Can we find a way to make this a teachable moment? (The Frisky)
  • How to keep your girl even after you lose your job. (Ask Men)
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