Njoy’s Eleven: A Toy Review

I learned via Naked City, that the Njoy Eleven is finally for sale. I thought you could buy it for a while, since I reviewed it for Xbiz* a few months back but I guess you couldn’t. Regardless, now you can. So I figured I’d give you my review:

Njoy Toys motto should be “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” Like Kathy Bates in Misery, I am a number one fan, and Njoy Toys has yet to disappoint me. Seriously, I’ve been touting the pleasures of the Pure Wand for as long as I’ve owned mine. Not only do I have great orgasms with the thing, but it makes me squirt almost every time. Now I can add a new notch to my belt, and a new toy to my box, because Njoy’s Eleven is another home run. It’s the hugest thing I’ve ever put inside of my pussy and I loved every big, fat inch of it (all eleven of them to be exact). Not only did I have a fantastic orgasm, but once again I came, I saw, I squirted.

It’s heavy, very heavy, as in 2 ¾ pounds of sexy stainless steel. Which means it’s not only a great sex toy, but it’s also a great workout. The diameter of the smaller end, 1 ¾ “ isn’t very small, and the ridges are a nice added touch. The large 2” end is so big that I seriously couldn’t fit it in my mouth (yes, I tried), and, trust me, I have a large oral cavity. I’m proud that I could take it all inside of me, even if I had to start slow (and with the smaller end) and use lots and lots of lube. This is not a toy for people afraid of size, no way, in fact it’s now sitting out on my dresser so I can bring to friends about how much I can handle. This toy laughs at little toys. It may even chew them up and eat them for dinner. But that’s okay. I’d understand. Because the Eleven is a serious toy for serious sex. It’s definitely the new king of my toy box. And yes, one could take it up the ass, but honestly, I’m not there yet.

*In case you were wondering - I review sex toys for Xbiz on a monthly basis. My “column” is called Tools of the Trade.

The G-spot: Fact or Friction

image via Bandita 

Last week the LA Times ran this story on the existence of the G-spot (also called the Sacred Spot in Tantric and Taoist practices). Comparing it to the Loch Ness Monster or the Abominable Snowman, the Times reporter wrote that it’s easier to talk about finding the G-spot than to actually find it, and while she’s not sure of its existence, I think that’s missing the point, or rather the spot.

The G-spot exists for women - most women - whether or not it works for them. Let’s think of it like ice cream. Some of us like chocolate, others prefer vanilla and still some of us can’t eat any of it because we’re lactose intolerant. Whatever type of ice cream you like, it’s not like you need ice cream to live, but it tastes good to eat. That’s what a G-spot massage is like. Not necessary, but an indulgence - one that some of us choose to discover, and others of us don’t. We’re all pretty similar in our biological makeup, but not identical. Some of us get off from penetration, some of us don’t, just like some women get off when something hard, soft, big or little is placed inside her vagina, and again, some of us don’t. In fact, less women get off from penetration than from direct clitoral stimulation, but still when society and the media think of the “ultimate orgasm” we often think that it means something should be inside of us.

The G-spot isn’t necessarily a spot, it’s more of a cluster and you feel it through the top wall of the vagina (it’s the urethral sponge, which is in the urethra, but you don’t want to go in the urethra to find it, or anything, for that matter). Stimulating that can, yes, lead to the sensation of having to “make water” (as Ms. Daisy would say) but it’s also one of the places in the vagina that is highly sensitive for some women, however, all women should be highly aroused before you even think about touching the spot. The article quotes research on a group of cadavers (and then yes, on live bodies) but you can’t do research on the G-spot of a cadaver and get the same results as you would if you looked at the real, live arousal of a healthy, horny and rearing-to-go gal.

When women, ones that were still alive, were prodded, researchers noticed:

Some women have extra-thick, sensitive, different tissue in the front wall of the vagina, whose stimulation can lead to vaginal orgasms. Other women don’t. (Call it a G spot if you like, he says; until there’s a formal definition, the label is more about marketing than science.)

Yes, the label is all about marketing, but that’s the world we live in. One where we try to label everything…whether it be an animal, vegetable or our own sexual hot buttons. So, what’s the point of all this? It’s a reminder to each G-spot owner, and G-spot stimulator, that there are plenty of places to press inside, and outside, her body to turn her on. That for those of us who don’t get off on G-spot stimulation, but not necessarily because we don’t have one, even if it’s not as thick as some others, there are still fun places to poke around. Sure, the G-spot may or may not do it for the lady in your life (or for you in your life as a lady) but whether it’s her hot button or not, sexual experimentation is fun. And if searching for the G-spot leads you to play around more, than keep searching and you shall find something…or other..to play with.

Blow Jobs 201

Another Monday video from Cherry TV. I teach 2 hour classes on giving head (and hand), so this, along with the BJ 101 video are but a few things you can do to sharpen your skills when it comes to bobbing for his orgasm.

One thing is certain - don’t forget the frenulum!

The Justice Department is not pleased

COPA - The Child Online Protection Act - was struck down, yet again, yesterday and apparently, The Justice Department doesn’t feel justice has been served. The Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was on the other side of the Justice Department’s interpretation of the law, the one that said COPA is right and righteous and, yet again, declared COPA unconstitutional. The Third US C.C. upheld the last ruling, the one from back in 2007, when a lower court - sounds sort of degrading, oh, you’re a lower court - ruled that COPA violated our First Amendment rights, and both courts agreed that COPA wasn’t going to effectively stop children from searching adult material online.

Basically COPA forces websites with adult material (and that’s more sexual than violent material I’m sure) to verify visitors’ ages before they enter the site. They are supposed to verify this age with a credit card.

Here’s what ABC News reports:

COPA makes it a crime to knowingly post material that is “harmful to minors” on the web for “commercial purposes” without having some method — such as a credit card — to verify a visitor’s age. Critics assailed the law for infantilizing the internet and requiring website operators — including news sites — to live in fear of prosecution if even a small part of their website contained adult material.

I’m all for protecting children, but how does one define “harmful to minors?” I’ve seen a lot of things that I would call “harmful to minors” on Saturday morning cartoons, I mean even when I was growing up, nobody had to tell me that it wasn’t okay to try to kill animals, something that happened all the time when it came to the Looney Tunes.

So today let’s celebrate the fact that COPA is nothing more than ineffective words on paper. And let’s hope it stays that way.

You don’t know dick

Recently, while in LA, my friend‘s son snapped out of his Wii induced coma to show me something cool he had bought with his father that day.

What he showed me was a can of spotted dick. While it sounds like a disease, it’s not. It’s some sort of pudding. How it came to be called spotted dick is anybody’s guess (and everbody has guessed, I know). I’ve read the reasons why, and I get the spotted part, although I can’t say I want to eat anything that has spotted in its name, but the dick part? Not that I don’t like dick. Really. But together, spotted and dick make up one of the most totally unappetizing names for a dessert. A dessert is something that’s supposed to be yummy and sweet, not spotted and dicky. Even “raisin pudding” would have been better, although not much better. But spotted sounds like you can catch something just from touching it.

It got me thinking though. What else does dick mean? If you look at freedictionary.com, then dick - in it’s most vulgar sense of the word, means penis. But in its less vulgar incarnations it means:

Someone who isn’t very nice, or in less polite terms a total asshole. It’s also slang for a detective and in “Chiefly British” it means a fellow (although I’m sure that it’s not used quite so much anymore or exactly what Chiefly British means). As a verb it means to cheat or trick. And straight dope says that dick has also meant a riding whip and an apron, and an abbreviation for “dictionary,” a policeman and a declaration.

Switching into current events gear here: What about using Viagra on the dick? Well, apparently it’s not just for men’s spotted, or unspotted, dicks any longer. Even though women have been trying Viagra since men have, now Viagra is being marketed to a select group of women. Yep, it’s said to help cure the lack of sexual desire in women who are on antidepressants, especially those women who used to crave, but don’t crave, spotted dick anymore (okay, bad tie in, but I’m all about the spotted dick right now).

If you’re libido is low as a result of popping an antidepressant pill, then Viagra may be the drug you “need” to ingest to feel better. A report in the Journal of the American Medical Assn, whose results were taken from a sample of 98 women (no I did not forget a zero or two) has led reporters all over the world to shout out, WOMEN WITH SEXUAL PROBLEMS STEMMING FROM USE OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS NEED TO POP MORE LITTLE BLUE PILLS. The study, funded by Pfizer, is brand new and completely unbiased...yeah, right, completely unbiased, and it contains no mention of spotted dick.

You can read all about it here.

Ever do it with a grandpa?

Not your grandpa of course. Someone else’s.

man at the Pelikan by Trepelu via Flickr

Rachel Kramer Bussel did, and she shared it with The Frisky.

I on the other hand realize that I have a lot of loving to do, or at least role-playing with my boyfriend, since I don’t think I’ve ever done it with a pa, let alone a grandpa.

Hmm…have to think on this one… Did I ever have pee pee inserted into vajayjay with someone who’s seed has resulted in the production of life on this planet (or the production of life on this planet, that then resulted in the production of more life on this planet)?

While I’m still thinking - read Rachel’s story here.

Green is my favorite color

Especially kelly green.

But, I like food more than I like the color green and probably just as much (with exceptions of course) as I like sex. That means I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out Dine Green.

It’s the website of The Green Restaurant Association℠ (GRA), a non-profit group that helps restaurants become more environmentally sustainable. The GRA holds restaurants up to certain environmental guidelines when it comes to things like recycling, composting and non-toxic cleaning. Although you most probably eat green-friendler when dining in; if dining out is your fetish, it doesn’t hurt to support a green restaurant.

Besides green is sexy. When you go green, you usually feel better about yourself, and also, (if you eat greens) better about your body. And better + better = supa sexy.

Seriously, if you look and feel good - you are good…damn good (at least on the outside). And when you’re damn good, people want to be around you and they want to bang you. Yes, I’m talking fucky fuck.

Here’s the LCD equation:

Eat green = better + better = supa sexy + damn good = want 2 fucky fuck.

That’s the LCD (lowest common denominator), but the equation works.


If you’re looking for some erotic titillation, check out Michelle 7 (I’m probably late on telling you about this one), but it’s got some “supa sexy + damn good” photos of sex-errific humans, and that’s just what I think from browsing the homepage. I’m into checking it out though, especially since one of my favorite erotic people contributes to it, photographer extraordinare, Carlos Batts.

Ron Jeremy falls asleep at ANE

For some vendors who attended the ANE show, aka Adult Novelty Expo, this past Monday and Tuesday in surprisingly sunny, not smoggy, Los Angeles, the above pic about sums it up. Small crowds walked the Sheraton and Hilton hotels in Universal City, which isn’t really even a city but more of an extension of a theme park, but no matter what they say, I still had a blast. Lots of pills promoting larger erections and a new toy that promises to take the job out of blowjobs (but instead makes it feel like more work and like you’re getting an impression made at the dentist), were some of the losers, but here are some of the winners:

First, we got the party started at Regina Lynn’s house before the party ever started. I bounced in a moonbounce, or whatever you call that thing that the nerd and the cheerleader had sex in in Revenge of the Nerds. Regina had a bunch of sex toy party people over at her place for a pre-ANE bash, and she brought in the bouncy toy, and it rocked. My only regret, not wearing underwear under my skirt and bouncing, but no one else seemed to mind.

Then next day, at at the Aneros booth, I learned the proper way to use the Aneros toys for any guy (no rocking, just insert the toy up your bum and let it massage your prostate - and squeeze and release your muscles too) and I also learned that the ladies like the Prograsm for both up the ass and G-spot stimulation. And of course there’s also the brand-spanking new unisex anal PC muscle exerciser, the peredise - which everyone wanted a piece of.

Over at Ohmibod I received a sample of their love buckle* - a really nice leather belt with a buckle that holds a condom for any planned, or unplanned, roll in the hay. And I got to test out the prototype for their next, top secret toy and I have to say Ohmigod! I literally got off to, and with, but not as in the flesh and blood version of with, Kanye West. Ironically, five minutes after I had my second orgasm, the hotel room door opened and some staff guy entered, thinking he was entering a room ten doors down. I was done with my business, but had he arrived five minutes earlier, he would have seen and heard a lot more. Watch for the new toy, sometime this winter.

The Njoy Eleven comes in the coolest black leather satchel, so that a size queen can carry his or her toy around in style. I snagged the satchel, since I already have the toy, and it’s so nice I’ll be using it as an evening bag all summer long.

If you need a place to hide your toys, Toibocks makes a high quality jewelry box that locks, really locks, and is great for storing 4 toys, or 20 DVD’s - or anything else, legal or barely legal, that you may need to hide from your snooping family.

Kudos to Sportsheets not only for making interesting sexual devices, but for making them in the USA. That’s a rarity in the toy market. I really want to try some of their “positionary aids” and this pillow that rolls up so you can sit on it, and attach this velcro vibrating hump to help you got off.

And if I only get one new toy this year, please let it be Ruff Doggie Style‘s Bouquet of Roses crop or flogger or the mint-green Kitty Paddle. Their website doesn’t do justice to how gaw-gous their kinky toys are.

So much more to say but I’ve got to get over to Sex Health Guru‘s studio for a taping, so I’ll leave you with this. So much of our sex education comes from the adult industry, and this week I met two really great sex educators, who also happen to be porn stars. There were lots of porn stars milling about the show (unlike Ron Jeremy who really did sleep a lot) and I totally connected with Sean Michaels and Sunny Lane - two smart, sex-positive and dedicated stars (and sex educators) who I’ll definitely be working with in the future.

Ah..the future…of sex toys, of sex education, of sex.. It’s not only at ANE, but it’s one place where it’s at.

*love buckle name subject to change

Me on Playboy U.

The Playboy U. channel is for people who were born after Skid Row and Warrant were famous. I spoke to them at the Safer Sex in the City event in NYC in June.

Here I give some “like” non-specific, overall sex advice:

I just got wood…I mean word

That the fine folks at Aneros are going to fly me out to the Adult Novelty Expo in Los Angeles next Monday and Tuesday. If you will be there, make sure to stop by their booth and say hi. If not, don’t.

I can’t wait to see what exciting new toys the hot, sexy geeks of the world are making these days. (Yeah, there will be other less sexy, more ungeeky toy manufacturers there too, but I’m not as interested in meeting them).

LA here I come….again.

© Copyright Jamye Waxman M.Ed.