Sex lessons for men! Tonight!

If you’re in NYC, and want to talk about pleasing your ladies (and you’re a dude) - come see me tonight!


Also, I accepted a job at Babeland again. Crazy to be going back there, but this time I’m the marketing/education coordinator!!! I’ll still be doing lots of my own stuff, but it also feels good to be promoting a place I truly believe in, so much so that I’m going back for seconds!

It’s all very exciting, and time consuming.

More on the sex toy ban in Alabama

The ban on certain sex toy sales in Alabama goes into effect. It’s not the only ban of it’s kind. In fact, according to the article linked above, there are at least six other states that have similar laws. It’s amazing, guns are legal, but dildos are not.

I was recently asked by a reporter for the Italian Marie Claire if I thought we had come a long way in our acceptance of sexual stuff. And while I think we’re more open about sex, at least thanks to the Internet and the fact that women have more of a voice now than ever, I still think that sex talk is one of those cyclical things. The kind where once it’s accepted, it becomes unacceptable somewhere else, and then it’s accepted again, unaccepted..etc…I find that for as far as we come, there’s always somebody or something holding us back sexually. Betty Dodson mentioned this idea of time binding to me and when I think of sex, I think of this:

Time-binding: The human ability to pass information and knowledge between generations at an accelerating rate. Alfred Korzybski claimed this to be a unique capacity, separating us from other animals. Animals pass knowledge, but not at an exponential rate, i.e., each generation of animals does things pretty much in the same way as the previous generation. For example, humans used to look for food, now we grow or raise it. Other animals are still looking, i.e., they don’t consciously grow or raise food.”

So this whole Alabama thing, it makes me think about other things, and how forward we move, and how maybe each step forward is another step back. Or maybe it’s two steps forward, one step back…or maybe that’s me referencing Paula Abdul..which in and of itself isn’t a very good thing.


It’s my birthday and I’m going to party like…well, it’s my birthday.

And I’m also celebrating my article in the November issue of Men’s Health (write in and tell them you loooove me).

I apologize for making you have to look sideways. I’m not that tech saavy and I can get the picture to rotate on my computer, but not on this damn blog. So pick up a copy if you want to read the article the long way, okay?

It feels good to ramble

I didn’t think I’d write today. No, today I promised myself I’d work on some upcoming workshop materials I need to produce in order to (hopefully) get a major gig at another major gig at the beginning of next year. That might not make sense to you, but it will if it happens and since I hate to count my fetuses before they are born (I was not so cleverly trying to say count my chickens before they hatch) I’m remaining tightlipped on this awesome experience until I know it’s in the bag. And since it’s not in the bag now, let’s uhm, not let the cat out.

Enough cheesiness. My first Men’s Health article (“Same Girl, Better Sex) is in the November issue and that means it’s out now. I’m really stoked to be featured in a magazine I read in my parent’s bathroom as a child. And I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently my book review is in Women’s Health this month too! That’s exciting!

And last night, I went with Lux to see Margaret Cho and friends in the Sensous Woman. At first we had the worst! seats! ever!, but thanks to my new attitude (which actually means I have attitude) I moved us to better seats in a more central location. When some young woman who obviously worked for the show, and who may have had a problem with my shirt that says “Mel Gibson is an impotent,” asked me what I was doing, I simply replied “sitting in these seats.” When I asked if that was okay, and she said not really, but I could do what I wanted, so I thanked her and said “I want to sit here.” I would have moved if the people who “owned” the seats would have come to the show, but alas, they didn’t and we had a way better time as a result of my new aggressive attitude. And really no one “owns” seats, and truly I don’t mean to put impotent men in the same category as Mel Gibson, because that may truly be an insult to impotent men everywhere, but I didn’t make the shirt, I just wear it because I love how grammatically wrong it is.

Cho is hysterical. She’s truly a beautiful woman, and she’s all about showing that people are beautiful, and that beautiful people are not 5’11″ with blonde hair and blue eyes. And I loved her advice about how to have a happy marriage (Have sex with a lot of other people). As a bonus I am now a fan of Kelly, who I had no idea existed before last night, but after checking her out on Youtube I realize I may be the only one who didn’t know who she was.

The show was good, but I’m still not sure it was $50 good. Of course I’m not sure what a good $50 looks like, so maybe it was as good as it was supposed to be.

Otherwise, still living in sick land, even if it’s only in my head (literally, it’s a head cold) and counting down the last few days before I celebrate what the Dalai Lama would call my “day of suffering.” That is the day we are brought into this world.

Think about it. It makes sense.

The last 24 hours

Me. Approximately 60 hours before the last 24 hours.

I have learned a lot in the last 24 hours, and while I can’t share all the personal stuff (it’s not my personal stuff to share), I can share some of my own stuff. For starters, my book party has changed dates. The new date is Wednesday, November 7th! One day before the old date. Same place, just different day.

And I’ve been reading a lot about robots and sex.

Also, my talented and beautiful friend Cat reminded me about the Infant Safe Haven laws. The fact that these laws exist in most, if not all, states is awesome. Not it would really help if people knew about them. Did you know that it’s totally legal, meaning you can’t get in trouble, if you’re a parent, and you want to give your newborn baby up? Instead of dropping it in a field or a toilet to die, you can drop him or her off (to live) in places like a hospital, police or fire stations. And it’s totally legal! Here’s a complete state by state breakdown of the laws.

And I learned why I will never buy a glass bottle of silicone lube, ever again. When my darling, charming, loving boyfriend woke up this morning he accidentally knocked said bottle off what we have been using as a nightstand, and it broke. Smashed. Shattered. Nothing was salvaged. And now the wood floor in our bedroom is like an ice skating rink. Only problem is that I don’t own a zamboni.We’ve cleaned it with dish washing liquid, which seemed to be helping but it’s still so darn slippery. I mean it is silicone and it does pride itself on being slick and waterproof. Which, right now really sucks. On the brighter side, I won’t have to pay to go ice skating this year (as if I ever go anyway) and maybe I can become a championship figure skater now.

To top it off I have a cold. Five days before my birfday. A cold. It best go away before my weekend. Thinking happy thoughts…especially since tonight I am going to see Margaret Cho!

Metromix Press

Rachel Ray in FHM.

Got some press on Metromix this past weekend.

I know some people will gag when they read this, but if I could become the Rachel Ray of sexuality, that would rock. I know some people can’t stand how happy she is, but think about it. She’s a girl a lot of us would be friendly with. Maybe not friends, but at least acquaintances, and maybe we’d even be talking about her behind her back, like “Rachel. Ugh. She’s so chatty. Does she ever shut up? She drives me craazy” But I really like her. I like her better than a lot of the other food hosts out there, and even some non-food hosts. Anyway, they mention Rachel Ray in the article, so I thought I’d just bring it up. That’s all.

Oh, and you should check out my friend Paul’s first Pleasure Report podcast. Informative and interesting.

And I’m teaching tonight.

The horrors of wifi

I’m a hypochondriac. Anyone who knows me knows that. It is a part of my life. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he thought I was joking. He said he even thought my fear-of-contracting-every-illness was funny. Like I was doing a Seinfeld impression or something. But I don’t do impressions, just like I can’t do accents. Anyone who knows me knows that. Okay, I can do one accent and one impression. The only accent I’m capable of conjuring up is a mix between Chinese and Indian. And the only impression I can do is Marge Simpson. And that’s not even really an impression, it’s more like my real voice.

So when my man sent me this link today I started to feel my world closing in. Wifi - it’s going to start getting a worse reputation than some forms of sex. Which may be a good thing - for sex…at least.

Oh and SAVE THE DATE: NYC November 8th. I’m going to have a book party of sorts at Bluestockings. 7PM. More details soon. Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop!

My first review!!!

Personal Touch Volume 1 is out, but I’ve been slow to promote it because the Personal Touch website is not up yet (it will be by the end of the month). Still, now I’m starting to get my ass in gear, so to speak, and my first press is up on Hot Movies For Her.

Read the review.

Want a teaser?

Can I just start by saying that Jamye Waxman got this one so right. The best part of this sex writer extraordinaire

Let the boobies begin…

Breasts. Boobies. Knockers. Tits. Melons. Whatever word you use, whatever size, shape and color you

Supreme Court: Just Say No

Me. Yesterday. As seen through the lens of Martha.

And my attempt at covering the news: The Supreme Court doesn’t care about your sex toys. Read all about it here.

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