Erection research

Thanks to Audacia Ray‘s awesome “Health Resources” links page, I’ve spent the last thirty minutes perusing this erection-research site. It’s a great site for any dude who’s wondering how he hangs, as well as anyone else who wants to know how other guys are hanging. It’s got geeky terminology for curvature, lots of variety in shape and size and it’s all about deemphasizing the term average, at least when it comes to cock talk.

The downer is that site doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while, but that doesn’t mean the information’s stale. No way, cause this site is fresh! (yes, that is totally 80s I believe), and yeah, probably not safe for work.

Porn Valley Exposed: For Women Only

If you want to know a little bit more about what I’ve been up to, here’s an excellent article. It’s a few weeks old, but after receiving an email from a former professor about it, I realized it was something to share.

No good vibrations in India

Have you heard the one about the vibrating condom in India?

If not, here’s the deal. Sex toys and pornography don’t go over so well in India. In fact they’ve been banned, and now a vibrating condom, one that’s touted by the government as an aid for birth control, and to help increase the rate of condom usage and decrease the rate of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) in the country, has raised some interesting questions about it’s intended use.

Is the vibrating condom a sex toy, and if so, should it be banned? Well, actually it’s a pack of three condoms called Crezendo, and the package contains a battery-operated cockring, so uhm there’s your first answer. As for the banned part, the obvious answer is no. Pleasure is something we should seek out in life, and if some people find pleasure in a vibrating condom, then let them have pleasure.

It doesn’t matter where you live.

Read more: BBC

Snip-snip is getting snapped

Even Gawker is talking about the reduced US circumcision rates.

From the AP by way of CBN, a site that touts themselves as “Christian News, 24/7″, the article, which starts with a Jewish woman describing her sons bris (a bris sans the snip-snip portion of the party) one learns that the circumcision rate is going down. I find it mildly amusing that this “Christian news” is all about the Jews. Anyway, a statistic from the survey:

According to data from the National Health and Social Life Survey, the U.S. circumcision rate peaked at nearly 90 percent in the early 1960s but began dropping in the ’70s. By 2004, the most recent year for which government figures are available, about 57 percent of all male newborns delivered in hospitals were circumcised. In some states, the rate is well below 50 percent.

It makes me happy to read this, because, like I said before, I don’t know why it has to be done in the first place. Okay, just thought I’d share.

The Viagra Cookbook

I once wrote a piece about Viagra for this really funny site. Now the man behind the curtain - Sir John Hargrave (I have no idea why he’s a Sir) is actively working on a Viagra Cookbook. This guy is crazy - he’ll do anything for a prank, and I mean anything. And most of the time he’s really funny.

This time he crushes three male sexual aids - Viagra (which tastes bitter), Cialis (sweet) and Levitra (asslike) and adds them to a variety of liquids, solids and other edibles. There are 25 recipes so far, but I think he’s still looking for more zany ideas. While I’m not sure I’d encourage people to crush and eat their sex drugs like it’s no big deal, and I don’t think someone should use Viagra, or any of the other pills on a casual and regular basis, I do appreciate the variety of way’s Hargrave, and his minions, come up with to consume their “male sexual enhancers.”

Me - I still think it’s much easier to just swallow the pill whole, but I guess, in the Zug world, that’s just not as fun.

A new podcast with Audacia Ray - yay!

Taped (and at one time live) in my bedroom, Dacia and I get cozy (could it be that I only have one microphone for both me and guests?) to chat. She’s one of the sexiest geeks I know, and yes disclaimer: she also happens to be a good friend. Still I’m glad that she could drop by to be a part of my latest Playgirl’s Sexpod. We talk about her book, Naked on the Internet, her porn (the Bi Apple), her regrets as well as women, sex and the Internet (c’mon that last part is a no-brainer).

Now, on another note, if I were single, I think I’d check out this “green” dating site. I find it hysterical, but then again I do like “pot”ty humor.

The HPV Vaccine

The drug in question is Gardisil.

Judicial Watch claims to have uncovered three deaths since March 2007 (either through heart problems or blood clotting) as a result of the HPV vaccine. Okay, I know this is a conservative site that promotes that “no one is above the law…yada yada” - and what I think they actually mean is no liberal is above the law, and yes I feel that their agenda here is to scare people, which I totally disagree with, but still it sucks that three girls had to die because of the HPV Vaccine.

Needless to say, I think that all young women should HAVE THE CHOICE to get the HPV Vaccine because you can’t see, smell or taste HPV and it’s more common than the common cold. And I also think it’s important that people know that this, or any vaccine, isn’t 100% safe all the time and for everyone. Still, I’m all for the HPV Vaccine, especially since 3 out of 4 people will be affected with HPV over the course of their lifetime, and since HPV is the only way to get cervical cancer. Remember this vaccine can help eliminate that risk for young women. If it wasn’t too late for me (and it is because I’m too old) then I’d get injected. I just hate that its killed three girls on the verge of their entire lives. Still, with any new (or sometimes even old) drug, good and bad things will happen, right? I mean I just read a story about a girl dying because she used to much ben-gay.

What I’m trying to say here is - instead of being afraid, just be aware.

and still more me…

I still love this blog, even though I know I’m not showing it as much love these days. I won’t go into the intimate details about all the work I’ve been up to, but lets just say I’m finishing up some exciting articles/projects and I’m about to start some new ones too! Instead of talking about it all (or any of it) right now, enjoy another of my favorite Circe photos. This one has a special guest kitty in it. (Yes, that would be Blue).

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