Vacuum Yourself to Orgasm

Intriguing and scary - sucking yourself off.

From Vortex Vibrations a vacuum powered piece of plastic designed for the ladies to use as a sex toy. It apparently comes with a disclaimer brochure in case you suck your clit too hard I guess. Here’s a handy tip from the founder, for when you’re using your Vortex.

“Turn on the vacuum and allow yourself to become comfortable with the sound. Many users find that the noise actually turns into a welcome background

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In lieu of not posting much content these past two(?) weeks, here’s another photo:

Photo by Circe

Donating blood

Did you know that gay men can’t donate blood in America? I recently read an article that mentioned this, and I have to admit I was more than a little disgusted. The American Red Cross says it’s a medical precaution, but honestly it sounds a bit homophobic to me. Basically what they’re saying is if you’re gay man you might be HIV positive, even if you practice safer sex, are abstinenet or have been in a monogamous loving relationship with one partner. I understand not letting someone who is HIV positive donate to a “regular” blood bank, but someone who’s gay? This makes my blood boil.


Photo by Circe.

Four Sentences and a Podcast

Between an incredible photo shoot (can’t wait to show you some pics soon) jury duty, a visit with the pseudo in-laws and two major magazine deadlines, I’ve not been much fun on this blog.

But I did manage to make a new podcast. Just in time for the tail end of Masturbation May. You can listen to it here.

Masturbate with someone you love

May has unofficially officially become known as Masturbation May, a time when things like The Masturbate-a-thon get underway and people all over the universe are reminded to breathe deep, moan and eventually, if not sooner, shake one out. Most people do it alone, however if you live in San Francisco you can jack and jill off in the “cow palace” filled with other doers (those who do) and seekers (those who see you doing it). If you don’t you can still subscribe to the live feed, and watch from the comfort of your own home. If you’re in Portland, Oregon you can attend Darklady’s more secret, sixth annual masturbate-a-thon as well. No matter where you decide to do it, after writing a whole 80,000 words on the subject, it’s safe to say that you should just do it.

In fact there are so many additional positive benefits to masturbation (besides orgasm) that it’s actually bad not to. Okay, not bad, but it’s not good not too. Masturbation relieves stress so you can relax more. It may even help you fall asleep faster. Masturbation can help with PMS and it releases hormones that make you happier. Plus it can kick your immune system into a higher gear and this can help your body fight common infections.

Of course the best reason to do it is because you’re the best person for the job, and it is the safest sex you can have. Lots of people experience the best orgasms when they masturbate, and even if they aren’t always winners, you can’t lose.

So, what are you waiting for - touch yourself.

Need some help, check this out: Inspiration

Circumcision anyone?

I wrote this up for my weekly column(s) but decided to post it here too:

In America a man with an uncut penis is thought of as different, or strange. Here we have this tradition, generally at birth, or in the Jewish religion eight days after that, where we snip a little off the tip and call it a cut. Being raised Jewish, I

My Book Cover


Rachel Kramer Bussel beat me to the punch! You can preorder Getting Off now, but you’ve still got time before it hits the stands (read: next Fall). And Molly Crabapple did the amazing illustrations for the book. It’s so going to rock!

The Final Blow-down


Giving Good Head Part Two

Let’s continue with the blow job. For the first part, see the post from yesterday.

Today, let’s focus on techniques.

Disclaimer: Sex has been around for like ever, so there’s no reinventing the wheel, even though I’m hoping one day to find a technique that hasn’t been written about, but odds of that happening are smaller than Lindsay Lohan staying sober. Anyway, here are a few things to do when you’re going down.

14. Breathe on his penis. Literally blow on his penis before you ever put it in your mouth. Your warm breath near his sensitive areas will drive him wild.

15. Lick the tip. Tease the penis before you go down, and then when you really go down, as in penis-down-your-throat-down, take those first few times (before you add your hand into the mix) and make it like your exercising your mouth. Suck one, two, three and lift. Suck one, two, three and lift. Removing your lips from his cock every few sucks is all part of the big tease (also known as foreplay).

16. Use tongue. Cover your bottom teeth with your tongue, and then use the tip of your tongue to stroke his shaft and tickle his frenulum (see how to give good head part one for a description on where this is). You can tease him by licking your tongue up and down his penis, try tracing his raphe, which is the “seam” on the underside of his rod.

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