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From Audacia Ray

Sex Workers Visions II, curated by Audacia Ray and co-sponsored by $pread
Magazine, Arena Studios, and the SoHo Arts Council
Opening May 1, 2021 from 6 to 9 pm
Runs through July 28, 2021
Arena Studios, 407 Broome Street, Suite 7A
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Why the Dutch are Cooler Than Americans

And now a word from our sponsors. (Thanks Kim!) Okay, I don’t really have any sponsors (yet) but check it out, it’s a funny commercial from the Netherlands.

Imagine what would happen if this aired in the US? There’d probably be a protest, and a call to action asking any restaurants that carry this creme to ban it from their coffee.

Dripping Bulges Can Feel Silky Smooth and Wet

In addition to finishing up my book, my movies and reading tonight at the JCC (are you coming?) I’m also writing short vignettes for made-for-TV porn. I am by no means an amazing, or highly professional, erotic writer but I’m definitely learning. So I’ve decided to compile a list of five words I feel are overused in erotic stories, even though I’ll admit that I’m guilty of using them.

1. Bulge: As in the bulge in his pants grew bigger, I knew he was ready to enter my sex. Okay, that whole sentence might be overly cliched, but it gets my point across about “the bulge.”

2. Wet: Fine, that’s what happens to most women’s genitals as they get aroused, but it’s an overused word. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that moist is much better, but I’m working on thinking up words to describe the drips of moisture in between her thighs after something like his manhood, a word that for some reason reminds me of two men sword fighting, is revealed. And honestly, wet’s fine, it’s just used often.

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Today’s reading material

is an op-ed written by my dear friend Amy Bleakley. It was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and it’s an articulate, easy to understand piece on why we need comprehensive sexuality education in our school systems.

Two highlights. One on what politicians are finally realizing. The second on why:

Seven governors have turned away federal funds, saying there is no evidence that abstinence-only is working. The governors of New Jersey, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and Montana have dropped out of the federal program, or will do so soon. California never participated. And now Ohio may also join that list.

The need for correct and complete information is indisputable. Almost two-thirds of 12th graders have had sex. Nine million cases of sexually transmitted infections among 15- to 24-year-olds are reported annually. Nearly 750,000 teens become pregnant each year.

Lesbian sex (books) and the military

The only writing I’m doing from now till what feels like eternity is in my book. It’s due really soon, and I’m almost sort of done, still right now, it feels never ending. So for entertainment today, I thought you might enjoy the absurdity, and scary reality, of this story.

From an email message from Cleis Press:

A father is threatening to sue the city of Bentonville, Arkansas, after his two sons, aged 14 and 16, found The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman on a library shelf while (allegedly) looking for books on military academies. The father’s complaint: “[They were] greatly disturbed. [We had] many sleepless nights in our house.” Now he’s saying those sleepless nights are worth $20,000. That’s how much he’s wants from the city of Bentonville. And he wants the book removed from the library.

From the Morning News in Northwest Arkansas (I’m thinking it should be the mourning news for the sad state of affairs in these parts).

They’ve actually removed the book for now, and are looking for a “less crude” book on the subject. Honestly the books not crude, and I smell censorship. But nonetheless you can ask the library to bring back the book by writing the librarian a note.

Why was the sex book in the military section to begin with? So far that information remains top secret.

A crazy thing happened…

…at the theater. My friend Mike Daisey was performing - he’s a monologuist - in his one man show “Invincible Summer” at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA.

Apparently he used the word fuck to many times. And then these 87 people got up and left en masse. But before they were all gone, they made a statement of their own.

video & words

One other thing (about abortion)

You may already be totally up to speed on what’s happened to abortion in the United States, but just in case you aren’t, Violet Blue does a magnificent rundown of HOW WE ARE LOSING OUR ABORTION RIGHTS.

All Jewish and Stuff

Next Thursday, April 26th, I’m all jewish and stuff…

This is where you’ll find me, and it’s free!

For those of you who hate to click on links:

I’ll be at the JCC on the UWS in NYC.

JCC = Jewish Community Center
UWS = Upper West Side
NYC = New York City

Time: 7:30PM.
Place: 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th St.

What: Young, Jewish and Sexual - Women writers who walk the walk and write the talk

So, who else will be there?

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The Ayahuasca Monologues

Wanna see me talking about my experience with ayahuasca? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read more here.

It’s not a pretty story, but it does have a happy-ish ending.

Hear and see me telling my story.

Watch more storytellers!

More! Real! Boobies!

“They” say today is going to be the nicer of the two days this weekend, but I don’t care what “they” say because it’s already 3PM and I haven’t left my apartment yet today. However, from a quick opening of the window I concur - “they” are right, as much as “they” can ever be we. Nobody can really predict the weather. At least not all the time.

Today I spend my day writing about and watching porn. Yes, this may be the dream come true of some, but while never a dream for me, it has become a reality. Excuse me if I sound like I’m complaining, cause I’m not. I mean I like porn, especially porn that promotes positive views of female sexuality. I like porn that’s made with women who want to be there, the kinds of porn that show women really into what they’re doing, and I try to enjoy my porn without bad boob jobs, a fate I unfortunately must encounter today. I’m not saying I’ve never worked on a set with a star who comes complete with her own set of store-bought breasts, the kind that have made me want to ask, “did they really look worse than that to begin with?” because I’d be lying if I said I haven’t, but still, as I move forward, and with age and wisdom, I hope never do it again.

In fact on my last set I tried to talk an actress with fantastic set of tits out of getting a remodeling. The star had a great set of 36 or 38C’s, beautiful, bouncy and totally suckable, but she insisted that unless they got bigger she’d continue to lose work. The whole crew agreed she had the best boobs in the bunch, and between takes of her getting it up the ass, I continued to probe into whether or not she really needed to inflate her juggernauts. Alas, I lost the battle (she had a boob job the very next week) but I continue to fight the fight.

So I guess as I continue to post this post, I realize that my purpose today is to discourage women from getting boob jobs because real breasts are genuinely more beautiful than the fake ones. Trust me, I have many issues with my own overly spaced out, smaller than larger B cups with huge, pale areola, but still I implore you, and those of you like me, to just stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s so much cooler than surgery.

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